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Maltese Maniac, Issue #002 -- Costumes & Maltese Dog Rescue
November 09, 2007
Hello Maltese Maniacs!

Welcome to the second edition of the Maltese Maniac newsletter. I am excited to have over 100 subscribers and an average of 200 visitors per day to the Maltese Maniac website. I am constantly adding new content to the site and would love to hear any feedback, good or bad. Please tell your friends about us!

I hope you had a Happy Halloween this year and got to dress up your little furbabies. This year Marley was a sunflower and Disco was a wizard. They were adorable, but the costumes didn't stay on too long. Just enough time to get some cute pictures though. If your Maltese had a good Halloween, then tell us about it! You can upload a picture of your costumed cutie at our special Costumes for Small Dogs page.

A Maltese rescue page has been added as promised. Maltese dog rescue associations are a great way to adopt a wonderful Maltese dog that needs a loving, forever home. If you're thinking about adding another Maltese to your family, please consider looking at a Maltese dog rescue first.

Though not here yet, the holiday season is right around the corner. Get a sneak peak at the Maltese Dog Gifts section that I'm working on. If you missed the first issue, you can find it in our newsletter archives .

Remember, it's ok to be a maniac as long as you're a Maltese Maniac. Keep on lovin' your precious little furbabies!

- Katie & Marley <(-'.'-)> & now Disco!

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