Grey Maltipom - Charlee

by Michelle Crane
(Birmingham, Alabama)

Charlee is turning 1 or should I say 7 on the 7th of July, when I was looking for a dog I didn't think I was going to get a Maltipom I was looking for a Maltese. I was under the impression he was a Maltese. Then the owner informed me he was a Maltipom. He was so cute and black as could be with a tip of red at the end of his hair and his nose with a touch of grey, he was a present for my daughter's eighth birthday. When she saw him that was it, I didn't look anymore.

He is so easy tempered and very well trained, he caught on so quickly and still does. He has some many tricks that we have trained him to do, sit, shack, turn dance and sorry to say but die. He can do all this with one demand in that order:) He walks right beside me with and with many interruptions he still stays next too me.

He is well know at the softball fields when my daughter is playing travel ball. We can cheer for the girls and he gets excited with us and when we cheer for his mommy (Maddie) he gets really excited and barks for her attention! Everyone knows him we can't go anywhere with him without people falling in love with him. If I was given a dollar for each time I am asked what kind of dog is he, where did you get him and how much would you sell him for? I would be a millionaire in the 10 months we had him. No one could ever give us enough money for him he is definitely not going anywhere:)

He is so special! He goes absolutely everywhere with us and we love it. We even sneak him into the different hotel when we travel for softball which is almost every weekend, he is so good no one knows he is even with us or Evan in the room. Thanks to the doggy travel bags!!! So with all this said he is the most unique dog we have ever had, even his looks are unique and so very special to us as a family...

The Crane Family

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Jul 18, 2010
What a pretty boy!!
by: Anonymous

He is a beautiful dog, love the coloring. Sounds like he loves his human family.

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