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Maltese Maniac Monthly - Cure Eyestain, Best Puppy Food and More
December 17, 2020

Maltese Maniac Monthly - Dec 2020


Who is ready to finish up 2020 with some holiday cheer by a cozy fire with your Maltese? I know I am! I can't wait to celebrate with my furbabies and welcome in the New Year soon. Let me know what you're doing with your Maltese this holiday season.

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Question of the Month

I just got a new Maltese puppy and I want to make sure she doesn't jump on visitors all the time. How can I prevent this from happening? - DEBBIE C.

Prevention is always better than fixing an existing problem. If you want to prevent jumping from becoming an issue with a new Maltese puppy, there's one technique that you can use to good effect. This simply involves getting down to your pup's level every time you greet her. This allows her to greet you without having to try to launch herself up closer to your face.

Learn more about how to stop problem behaviors:
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Great Doggy Deals

If you're still looking for something to get your precious Maltese for Christmas and need it fast, Amazon to the rescue! I've made a list of my Poppy's favorite things that any Maltese is sure to love. The snuffle mat is his absolute fav!

See all of Poppy's Favorites

Vote in the 2020 Cutest Maltese Christmas Contest

Have you seen any of the entries to the Maltese Christmas Costume contest? They are the cutest! Go see them all and comment on your favorites. The winner will be chosen on December 21st.

Comment on Your Favorite Maltese Christmas Costume

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Naturally Remove Dog Tear Stains

There are many ways to naturally reduce or eliminate Maltese eye stain. Some things you may already have at home. I have found lots of simple ways to do it and it's explained in this new article.

Learn How to Cure Maltese Eyestain Naturally

Top Maltese Dog Names

Do you know the most popular Maltese dog names? How do you choose what to name your Maltese puppy? Find out that and more about Maltese dog names.

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