Small Dog Costumes for Maltese

Where to find the best small pet costumes

Looking for the best costumes for small dogs? My Maltese dogs Marley and Disco love to get dressed up in their Halloween pet costumes. They could care less about what they're wearing, as long as they get the extra attention a cute dog costume supplies.

Comfortable and Cute Dog Costumes

To ensure they get the attention they deserve, I am always on the lookout for the most adorable small pet costumes. Of course if my Maltese could talk, they would tell me to get something comfortable as well.

Halloween Pet Costume or Holiday Dog Costume?

Myself and other dog lovers have looked far and wide to find the best small dog costumes. Whether you're looking for a dog Halloween costume or a holiday dog costume for another event, we'll show you where to find the cutest and most comfortable. Check out the most popular dog costumes below or see pictures of other Maltese dogs wearing their favorite costume.

Disco the WizardDisco the Wizard
Marley the SunflowerMarley the Sunflower

Popular Halloween Pet Costumes

Christmas Dog Costumes

Popular Christmas Pet Costumes

Is your dog ready to get into the Christmas spirit? Why not put your little pup in a Christmas pet costume to show some holiday cheer? Small dogs always look good in little green elf costumes and they make the cutest Santa paws ever!

Sometimes you can even find reindeer antlers and elf ears if your Maltese isn't ready to commit to the full holiday dog costume.

See Other Maltese Christmas Dog Costumes

Click below to see other pictures of Maltese dogs in their cute Christmas costumes...

Micah the (girly) Snowman 
Living in Texas, Micah has never even seen snow, so she was extra excited to be a snowman! By excited I mean she lives to please me and knows she'll get …

Heidi just chilling in her scarf, hat, and shades! 
Heidi is just chillin' in her scarf, hat, and shades! Looks like she is trying to look like Stevie Ray Vaughn! Heidi is a Malti-pom. She is 4 years old. …

Elle & Allie 
Our 5 year old fur babies are sisters that love their yearly visit to see Santa. They always ask for treats and toys and when they are there, they donate …

Harley Quinn in her Christmas Fire Dog Pjs & Matching scarf  Not rated yet
Harley Quinn absolutely loves sitting in her Mom’s lap while at the beauty salon, that is if she’s not in her Mom’s purse. Mom enjoys the holidays with …

Snuggles in his Santa hat Not rated yet
My little fur baby Snuggles doesn't like any clothes on him, but he knew it was Christmas time so he put on his Santa hat just to let everyone know it's …

Bailey - Holiday Outfit 🎄 Not rated yet
I think this is picture perfect. 🐾🎄🐾

Sir Bailey McDuff - Holiday Royalty Not rated yet
To go as long with holiday royalty a bright red velvet chair is fitting. I really do not mind posing🐾💕🐾

Bailey - Holiday Bowtie Not rated yet
I do prefer the tie....,🐾🐾

Bailey - Red Sequin Collar Not rated yet
Just a cute bright red sequin over the head holiday collar. 🐾💕

Teena in Sequin Christmas Dress  Not rated yet
Teena in sequin Christmas dress in front of Christmas tree.

Sawyer the Snow Man Not rated yet
Sawyer’s white color has always reminded me of fluffy snow. So I had to buy this cute snowman costume off of Amazon. When I first tried it on him he was …

Ava - Christmas Jammies Not rated yet
Ava usually wears her Christmas Jammies to see Santa, but once in a while, she'll wear one of her beautiful Christmas dresses made just for her.

Talley Santa Dress Not rated yet
I only just purchased this costume recently as I have been looking for one.

Santa Millie Not rated yet
She doesn’t really like to dress up, but she’s oh so cute! Millie is our cuddle buddy and the sweetest lil doggie ever! Love her so much!!! Soon to be …

See Other Maltese in Small Dog Costumes

Click below to see other pictures of Maltese dogs in their cute small pet costumes...

Buddy - Summer Casual 
Buddy attending his 1st wedding in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Dress code - Summer Casual

Ollie - Inmate 103114 
Don't let the sad face fool ya. This inmate is bad to the bone. When he gets upset, watch your step, because he will give you a big surprise in several …

2013 Small Dog Costume Contest 
Millie & her big sister Aubrey dressed as Peacocks!

Small Dog Costume - Mylo the Bee 
I bought this small dog costume at Petco for my 1 and a half year old Morkie Mylo, I figured he's as sweet as honey so it's very fitting. Mylo loves getting …

Male Dog Costumes 
I'm a huge Star Wars fan! I am also a member of the largest Star Wars Costuming fan club in the World, the 501st Legion, so it seemed right to me to get …

Chia Pet Dog Costume - Jasper 
While watching a Chia Pet commerical, I took one look at Jasper, a Maltese Jack Russel mix and said, "He could be one!" So this is how I made this dog …

King Small Dog Costume - Benny 
There's not much to say other than, in our house, Benny is the King! :) I bought this small dog costume in Walmart a few years ago, made a few little additions …

Maltese Bella wearing her Mrs. Santa Outfit 
I bought this beautiful Christmas outfit for my Maltese online. Saw it and just had to have it! My niece is a photographer and she took the picture. It …

Female Dog Costume 
LuLu is a tiny Maltese and suits being a little lady bug. All the kids on Halloween night adored her and she made lots of friends in her cute dog Halloween …

Angelina the Dog Witch Not rated yet
Angelina was a witch for halloween . It had a witches hat with orange hair & a tutu.

Dennis - Dog Christmas Costume Not rated yet
Here is my Maltese dressed for CHRISTMAS. Red fur over coat bought from dobbins garden center. Reindeer head dress bought from pound shop. Outcome perfect …

Solitaire Witch Puppy Costume Not rated yet
This is a small witch costume bought from America for my puppy. She loved it and rushed to the door every time somebody knocked, the children were over …

Dog Halloween Costume Not rated yet
This dog Halloween costume was a gift from my grandaughter. She was done with her bears and all it's clothes... so she passed these to Master Woggie. …

Small Dog Costume Not rated yet
The small dog costume I made is a princess dress with glued on butterflies. The hat was made out of piece of card and some pink wedding lace. All of the …

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