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Top Maltese Dog Names

A complete list of the best Maltese puppy names

Are you trying to figure out what to name your new Maltese dog or puppy?

There are so many great Maltese dog names, that it can be overwhelming at times.

You can start by taking a look at the list below of the most popular and unique dog names for Maltese. If nothing suits you there, try browsing through the names that other Maltese dog lovers have used for their special dogs.

Have fun picking the perfect name for your precious Maltese!

What did you name your Maltese dog? Tell us more about how you chose his/her name & your dog could be famous!

Popular Dog Names for Maltese

  Male Dog Names Female Dog Names Unique Dog Names

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Tips for Choosing Maltese Dog Names

  • One or two syllable names are easier for dogs to respond to and easier for you to prononunce. Try calling out "Come here Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!" three times fast... not easy.
  • Choose a name that can't be easily confused with other words or family member names, especially common obedience commands such as 'Sit' Or 'Down'. Kitty or Brownie might not be good choices.
  • Consider your dog's personality and match a name to it. I named my Maltese dog Marley because she's super laid back like Bob Marley. On the other hand, I named my Maltese Poodle mix Disco because he dances around on his hind legs when he gets excited.

Still looking for the perfect name for your Maltese puppy or dog?
Check out the Maltese Celebrity Dog Names page for more ideas.

For even more Maltese names try Out And About With Your This site also has a monthly dog photo contest, online doggy jigsaws and lots of great dog-friendly info.

What did you name your Maltese dog?

Tell us how you decided on a name for your Maltese dog or puppy. Why did you choose this name? Does it fit your dog's personality or physical characteristics? Maybe it's a historical, famous, or family name. Let other Maltese Maniacs know all about your special Maltese dog name! Submissions must include at least 300 words of text and a picture to be accepted. Thanks!

What Other Maltese Dog Lovers Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other Maltese dog lovers...

Cute Dog Names - Snuggles 
It wasn't hard to pick this adorable name for my fur baby, since that's all he wants to do. As soon as you pick him up he lays in your arms and the look …

Tiny Dog Names - Cassie 
I wanted a pretty name for a pretty little dog. Cassie is a 7 month old Maltese x Chihuahua. She is super tiny and only weighs 4 lb. She is my little princess. …

It is easy to pronounce, and although I am from Norway, I bought my Maltese puppy in Pakistan (where I currently work) - and in Urdu, Bali is a "fun name" …

Maltese Named Gin-Gin 
My Maltese name is Gin-Gin. In named her Gin-Gin because I like "I dream of Jeannie" show and Jeannie's dog name was Gin-Gin. My other Maltese dog is Jon-Jon. …

Dog Names - Milky 
I've always wanted to name my dogs after food and until I got Milky I never have the chance to do so, because I was a lot younger when we first got our …

Maltese Named Chanel 
I chose it because I wanted her to have a designer name. I love Chanel! She now an has 8 week old female puppy and her name is "Coco Chanel".

Little Miss Perfect - Aggie 
Since we are big fans of Texas A&M Univ., where its students and alumni are referred to as "Aggies" & the campus at College Station, TX is known as "Aggieland", …

Small Dog Name - Clifford 
Because my puppy (7 months) was such a little dog, he needed a big name to boost his pride my aunt wanted to name him Brudice or something like that. but …

Maltese Named Abigail 
A couple of months ago, my mother and I met up with this lady's daughter and her husband. We live in Lexington, KY and we had to meet them half way in …

Unique Male Dog Names 
I was thinking of unique male dog names for my Maltese and came up with Stylo. Before I adopted Stylo I was going to get a female Maltese and name her …

Female Dog Names 
Our Maltese "Whenwyhtes" High Flyer is known as Daisy. We were looking for pretty female dog names and we choose her name because she was a real ugly ducking …

Cool Dog Names 
I was at a local pub when a guy came into the bar wanting to give her away. A friend of mine has a Morkie so I knew what type of dog she was right off …

Cute Dog Names 
My mom is a TOTAL shopping fanatic. We were looking for cute dog names and she kept bringing up names like "Chanel, Prada, Gucci" until I couldn't take …

Creative Dog Names 
Well I decided I must have a dog and it was going to be a Maltese. My husband was very unsure of a new family member. He was worried it would be too much …

Cute Girl Dog Names 
We were looking for cute girl dog names and came across Carmella. It sounds sassy and stuck up and that is exactly what she is. also, her coat is a caramel …

White Dog Names 
This is one of the most unique white dog names I've heard. I gave my puppy this name because she just looks so white and puffy and you just want to start …

Cute Boy Dog Names 
My gorgeous Maltese baby helped me choose his name. I had a list of cute boy dog names to choose from and I called each one out to him but the only one …

Great Dog Names 
I know they are not unique names - but I just love them any way and I think they are great dog names. Reese (or we say it with a Y sound Reesey or Reese's …

Masculine Dog Names 
My Maltese dog is a rescue, we're his 4th family. He was named Rascal and we didn't care for the name; changing it to Roscoe, which is pretty tongue-in-cheek …

Unique Female Dog Names 
We named our Maltese one of the most unique female dog names. Tsukihime is Japanese for Moon Princess. We call her Tsuki (pronounced Sookie). Our daughter …

Football Name - Aggie Not rated yet
Since we are big fans of Texas A&M Univ., where its students and alumni are referred to as "Aggies" & the campus at College Station, TX is known as "Aggieland", …

Maltese Mix Name - Chloe Not rated yet
This name was given to her when we got her. A friend gave her to me. Her name is Chloe. She is a Maltese Shih Tzu mixed. We love her so much. She gets …

Best Male Dog Names Not rated yet
We think this is one of the best male dog names for our dog because he was small like a hobbit and had a mischievious personality like Pippin from "Lord …

Best Girl Dog Names Not rated yet
Ziva is so named because she is so beautiful with the prettiest dark eyes just like the actress Cote Pablo from NCIS. She is one of our favorite characters …

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Maltese Names Not rated yet
My little 9 week old 1 lb.4oz. Maltese puppy is her Mama's little Mia. She is already attached to my side and a true snuggle bug. But... when she wakes …

Good Dog Names Not rated yet
I am a singer and an anonymous fan gave him to me for Christmas after one of my shows - during this time I was feeling really down. Then I started looking …

Unique Dog Names Not rated yet
Mocha was given to me by a close family member! It was a the prefect time in my life because at the time I received her I was pregnant and I just lost …

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