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Although I really love Maltese dogs and know alot about them, I don't have all
the Maltese information and knowledge I wish I had.

To fill in the gaps I've put together a great list of sites that will guide you through any other Maltese problem you're having.

These sites will also provide you with great solutions and more exciting Maltese dog info.

I'm always adding new links, so check back often!

  • The Dog Biscuit - find healthy and natural puppy and dog food recipes for your pet. Learn about the best treats, food, training tips, toys, health tips and more for your canine.
  • The Complete Guide to Keeping Your Old Dog Healthy - Oolder Maltese need special care and this site provides the best advice based on over 25 years of rescuing old dogs and nurturing them back to good health.
  • Out And About With Your Dog - featuring a monthly dog photo contest and hundreds of canine pictures unique to this site. With breed info, health articles, names, fun stuff. Natural, down to earth, British dog site.
  • The Dog Health Guide - this cool dog website provides common sense advice on the symtpoms, diagnosis and treatment of canine illnesses.
  • Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care - Learn the truth about pet food and nutrition, vaccinations, parasite control, pet meds and much, much more from the mouth of an witty, opinionated Maltese dog.
  • The Puppy Dog Place - A complete, user-friendly guide to raising a happy, healthy puppy. Tons of free information, tips and advice on all aspects of puppy care, including choosing a puppy, picking a name, feeding, grooming, vaccinations, training, health, behavior, accessories, housebreaking and much more.
  • Fetch! Pet Care - A very reliable, insured and professional pet care service.
  •, Pet care information
    Dog, cat, bird, fish, ferret and small pet care information. Articles, educational content, free classified ad, photos, fun animal videos and popular pet name at
  • Next Day Pets - Learn more basic information about Maltese dogs
  • More links coming soon. Check back often or suggest some cool Maltese dog information sites!

Do you know any other cool Maltese info web sites? If so, please email me and I'll add it to this page to share with other Maltese Maniacs.

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