by Flora
(Hesperia, California, USA )

I have a droopy eared Cairmal he is very affectionate wants attention all the time, when I’m just chilling on my bed he’s their with me testing his head on my leg, he can be a chill out boy at times but he dues play he loves fetch and playing tug of war with the other dogs, they are mousers which I believe he got from the Cairn breed unless trained with little critters I would keep them up high.

My story how I got my Cairnmal is well I had just lost a dog to death who I loved dearly I wasn’t ready for another dog but my husband had other plans we have another elderly dog and his plan was to find a friend for her so we went to the local animal shelter and looked at their small dogs hoping to find an antiallergenic dog we found Scrappy we met twice and decided to bring him home thinking he was an older dog but turned out he wasn’t even two years yet so he is a youngster, well he adopted me he learned our routines pretty fast.

When we got him I thought he was going to have short hair I was wrong his hair is fairly long and does get matted if not taken care of and found out I am allergic to him, but I love him now he’s my puppy not going anywhere without us.

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