Annual Puppy Bowl

Learn all about the dog lovers Super Bowl pass-time

Puppy Bowl 2013

For years the annual Puppy Bowl has been a favorite of dog lovers on Super Bowl Sunday.

Who doesn't like Terrier touchdowns, Poodle penalties, and Maltese mayhem? Additional fun includes tail-gating fans, the Water Bowl Cam, and the ever popular hamster-steered blimp. Want to see a slow motion replay? The new Cute Cam's got you covered. I've also heard a rumor about hedgehog cheerleaders. That should keep your Maltese interested.

New Puppy Bowl App!

This year Subaru is featuring the Puppy Bowl on a cool new app. You can download it for your tablet or mobile device now and the interactive content will be available during the Puppy Bowl airing on Sunday 2/3/13 at 3pm e/p on Animal Planet. Go ahead and download it in iTunes as "IntoNow."

Grab it for free now, then fire it up when the Puppy Bowl is on and it will interact with what’s happening on your TV and provide additional content. LIVE during the broadcast! Disco and I have already downloaded it to our iPhone and are ready to go this Sunday.

Subaru Puppy Bowl App

Adoptable Puppies

What's really neat about the Puppy Bowl is that all of the puppies are currently adoptable!

Maltese Poodle Puppy Bowl

How cool is that? I love that they're featuring a Maltese mix this year. He's quite a cutie and I'm sure all us Maltese dog lovers will be pulling for him to score some touchdowns this year. Check out his stats below:

Name: Friday
Breed(s): Maltese/Poodle Mix
Sex: Male
Age: 17 weeks
Fun Fact: Favorite cartoon is Mr. Magoo
Adoption Organization: SRL, Inc. in Central Kansas

Looking for a great dog car?

Meet Grant Weber, Subaru’s new Canine Sales Associate! This guy knows his stuff and can find you and your dog the best car that fits all your and your man's best friend's needs. Unless your Maltese gets distracted of course. Watch this cute Subaru commercial below.

Subaru Dog Tested Video

This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but I’d only share news for things I support.

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