About Me: A Maltese Dog Breed Lover

Becoming a Certified Maltese Maniac

I fell in love with the Maltese dog breed in 2004 when I adopted my first Maltese dog Marley. She came from a local shelter and was about 4yrs old, very tiny, malnourished, and skittish.

It only took her a couple of weeks to warm up to me and within a few months she was already at a healthy weight and a very happy girl. I took her everywhere with me and spared no expense in pampering my little princess. I even pushed her around in a doggy stroller when she hurt her leg.

Marley Facts

Adopting Disco

When the opportunity came to adopt another Maltese, I jumped at the chance. My neighbor had found Disco in their church parking lot. He was barely a year old and in good health except for his long, overgrown hair.

A quick haircut and vet visit revealed that my new little guy was a Maltese mix, possibly part Poodle. I loved him just the same and he quickly became part of the family. Marley still definitely reigned as queen of the house and let Disco know his place!

Disco Facts 

  • Loves car rides
  • Hates cats
  • AKA Growly Pants

Losing Marley

In 2012, I sadly lost Marley to congestive heart failure. She will forever be my angel. Disco is still doing great and gets along with my 2 young boys.

I've learned alot from Marley and Disco and started my website MalteseManiac.com to share my love and knowledge of the Maltese breed!

Your Maltese Dog Stories

Maltese dog loverMe and Disco

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me, fellow Maltese Maniac. I would love to hear stories of how you got your Maltese. Send me one here.


All the best to you and your Maltese,

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