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Maltese Celebrity Dog Names

Famous dog names for Maltese and their people

Are you trying to find the perfect name for your new Maltese dog?

Take a look at these celebrity dog names to give you some ideas for your own Maltese.

There's something for everyone from the rugged Harley and Foxhugh to the super cute Maddie and Sweetie Pie.

Since you already treat your Maltese like famous stars, why not name them after famous dogs too?

Who knows, maybe your own Maltese will join this list of celebrity dogs one day!

Willy and Polly Sweetie Pie Harley
Halle Berry's Maltese Star Jones Maltese Heather Locklear’s Maltese

Maddie Marilyn Jinxy
Kristin Chenoweth’s Maltese Anna Nicole Smith's Maltese Eva Longoria's Maltese

Mafia Honey Daisy Foxhugh
Marilyn Monroe’s Maltese Elizabeth Taylor's Maltese Elvis Presley's Maltese

Trouble Chole Lacey
Leona Helmsley's Maltese Lindsay Lohan's Maltese Britany Spears' Maltese

Are you looking for the perfect name for your Maltese?
Check out the Maltese Dog Names page for more ideas.

Do you know of any other famous Maltese dogs? If so, please email Marley so we can share it with other Maltese Maniacs.

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