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Dog DNA Testing

Find out what breed your dog really is

So you think you know what dog breed you have? Well, think again.

Vets estimate that up to 50% of seemingly purebred dogs are really mixed breeds. You might have a Maltese mix on your hands and not even know it!

Although we all love our dogs unconditionally, it's always best to know where they really came from.

Find out why you should consider dog DNA testing. Then discover which dog DNA test kit I recommend to get the best results.

Did you get a DNA test for your dog? Tell us what results you got!

Why should I do dog DNA testing on my dog?

Serious Reasons to Get a Dog DNA Test

  • Provides you with valuable information about your dog’s health risks as some dog breeds are very prone to certain illnesses.
  • Gives you more information about your dog’s temperament and behavior so you can better understand him and identify the right training program for his unique personality.
  • Proves that your dog IS or IS NOT a purebred dog. Some unreputable Maltese dog breeders may trick you into purchasing a dog that is not the purebred dog you thought you were getting. Fight back and get proof of your dog's actual genetic heritage.

Fun Reasons to Do Dog DNA Testing

  • Allows you to accurately answer curious questions at the dog park such as, "What kind of dog is THAT?"
  • Gives you chance to meet other Maltese mix dog owners with the same mix as you to compare notes about their looks and behavior.
  • Because you're naturally curious and you just HAVE TO KNOW!

Recommended Dog DNA Test Kits

There are currently three dog DNA test kits available to consumers. So far only two can identify Maltese heritage. Find out which dog DNA testing kits I recommend below:

Most Affordable Dog DNA Test - BioPet

The Good: The BioPet Breed Idenification test is the cheapest dog dna test kit on the market, it's simple to use, and it gets good results.

The Bad: This test only identifies 62 different breeds including the Maltese. Some breeds that are commonly mixed with the Maltese such as Cairn Terriers and Havanese are not included. Check the list of breeds included in this test here. If you suspect your Maltese mix might be one of these breeds, opt for a more complete dog breed DNA test.

Who It's For: Maltese dog owners who are curious about what breeds their Maltese may be mixed with and are fairly sure these breeds are on the list.

Find out more about the most affordable dog DNA test

Most Comprehensive Dog DNA Test - Wisdom Panel

The Good: Wisdom Panel Insights is the most complete dog DNA tests you can purchase. It identifies over 170 different breeds the largest list on the market) including the Maltese. Here is the huge list of dog breeds that can be identified.

The Bad: This test is more expensive than other tests (about $20 more), but it's well worth it if you want to make sure every breed in your dog is identified.
Update: Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit. Easy At Home Swab Test. Now $20 Off For The Holidays Plus Free S&H!

Who It's For: Maltese dog owners who want a more comprehensive test to see every possible breed their Maltese could be mixed with.

Find out more about the most comprehensive dog DNA test kit

Coolest Dog DNA Accessory - DNA Pet Portrait

For really pampered pups, you can even get a portrait made from a sample of your dog's DNA. It's fast and easy and makes a truly unique work of art that can be displayed anywhere. I might have one made for Marley and Disco as their early Christmas present... shhhhh don't tell.

Find out how to get a unique dog DNA portrait

Have you ever had a DNA test done on your dog?

If so, your dog could be famous! Please tell us all about your experiences with dog DNA testing and we'll put it on our website. What product did you use to do the test? Was the whole process easy or difficult? Where you surprised by the results? Let other Maltese Maniacs know what to expect from a dog DNA test.

What Other Dog DNA Testers Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other dog owners who used dog DNA test kits...

Dog DNA Test - Fenna 
We have a lovely 20# black long haired dog who was found in a cranberry marsh when she was approx. 6 months old. For the past 3 years that we've had her …

Dog DNA Test Results for Trixi Not rated yet
I had a dog DNA test done in Toronto. I thought she was a Maltese Poodle mix, but she came back only Maltese. I thought she was a bit small, but after …

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