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Custom Dog Photo Mug Only $1

Make your own cute photo mug of your Maltese valentine. It's adorable and only $1! Click the link below to start creating yours now.

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Dog Names - Milky

I've always wanted to name my dogs after food and until I got Milky I never have the chance to do so, because I was a lot younger when we first got our

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Potty Training Tips With Beethoven

Keep the command the same, one or two words at the most... Potty Outside or Go Potty ! Use the same tone of voice at a routine time and place, like

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Playful Dog - Ever

Ever has her first birthday coming up next month. Training was fairly easy. She's quite a character. She loves everybody she encounters, especially children.

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Silky Maltese Mix - Ace

Ace is a great dog. He is 9 years old and lives with our family of 4 children. He is playful and very sweet. He was hard to house train but he is a great

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Simple Way to Reduce Eye Stain

I just use a face cloth, water and Kleenex. From the minute he woke up in the morning, I would wipe his eyes with a Kleenex then with a small comb with

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Cheykey is a very human like dog, very affectionate, obedient, playful, great inside dog that just wants to be with you. Very cute features including spots

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Lucky the Maltese Mix

Please to meet Lucky my Pekingese Maltese mix. She is 11 month, very smart and lovely or I say fool of love :)

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Maltese Named Chanel

I chose it because I wanted her to have a designer name. I love Chanel! She now an has 8 week old female puppy and her name is Coco Chanel.

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Football Name - Aggie

Since we are big fans of Texas A&M Univ., where its students and alumni are referred to as Aggies & the campus at College Station, TX is known as Aggieland,

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Missing Chance

Chance was my daughters beloved dog and we miss him so much. She was told he was a Maltese Beagle Shitzu mix. He was hit by a car chasing a rabbit about

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Nico Suave - Ladies Dog

I thought getting another dog was a bad idea considering I have a red nose pitbull ,two cats and recently just had my first born child but I couldn't resist

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Best Dog - Patches

My dog Patch is now nine years old we have had him since he was 8 weeks, best dog ever! He is great around kids although they keep him on his toes and

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Amazing Dog - Appa

Appa is an amazing dog, I am lucky to have. He is very gentle and kind. At first he was a bit clumsy but he has become alot more coordinated. He is very

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Little Miss Perfect - Aggie

Since we are big fans of Texas A&M Univ., where its students and alumni are referred to as Aggies & the campus at College Station, TX is known as Aggieland,

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Feisty Maltese Mix - Aaliyah

Aaliyah is a spunky and feisty 16 month old adolescent. She is a Silly terrier and a Maltese pure breed. She is a handful and overly excited at times.

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Maltese Border Collie - Luca

Luca's mother is a pure-bred Maltese and the father a pure-bred Border Collie. I looked on this site and saw Trapper who is a similar mix but he looks

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Missing My Roxie

Sadly my loving girl was taken from us a year ago. She had such a loving personality she was selected for a training class at MCC in our area and they

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Sadie the Cavamalt

Our little girl is almost 12 weeks old now and such a sweetheart . She is our first Cavamalt and is incredibly smart and so lovable! We are so excited

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Callie - Maltese Mix Puppy

Callie is the newest addition to my family. Shes a 12 week old Papitese and everything i could ever ask for in a pet. In one word shes PERFECT. I highly

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Mini Maltese - Trixe

Trixie is an energetic, playful, sweet, 4.5 pound furbaby!! She is approximately 18 months old. She is so playful that her canine friends can't keep up

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Kaia - Maltese Papillon

This is our Maltese Papillon mix Kaia bear! Full of fun, energy, and love. When she is not bouncing around or running in circles, she is the most cuddly

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Small Dog Name - Clifford

Because my puppy (7 months) was such a little dog, he needed a big name to boost his pride my aunt wanted to name him Brudice or something like that. but

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Water and Soft Cloth for Tear Stains

I have had one Maltese for 13 yrs, which I had to put down last March. Which I haven't gotten over yet, not even a little, still crying, but back to the

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Nana is 3 years old. Love the Maltese Miniature Pincher, perfect mix of protector and comforting dog.

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Grain Free Diet Reduces Tear Stains

I changed my dog's diet to grain free with an added probiotic. Two months later she is completely red stain free. She debeloped this problem at 8 months

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LuLu - Maltese Jack Russel Mix

She is a huge mamma's girl hates having to stay home alone has an attitude that makes me smile non stop goofy funny full of energy she was a rescue dumped

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Callie and Heidi - Maltese Shihtzu Corgi

Both are amazing girls though they are from the same litter and parents, they are like 2 different breeds. Both are so bubbly, intelligent and are eager

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Stop Eye Stain with Meat and Veg Diet

Stopped processed dog food and have been feeding cooked meat and raw vegies instead for years, no more eye stain!

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Ears are long and darker than the rest of his fur. Weighs 7lb Nd is 3 years old. Not sure what the other part of him is. Pleases help. I can send a pic

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Our Havamalt Daphne (aka Daffy) is probably the best dog we have ever had! She is incredibly smart, loveable and extremely entertaining. Everyone that

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Life's Abundance Dog Food for Bella

Bella has been eating Life's Abundance since I got her at 8 weeks old. Her coat is so soft and shiney. And all her blood work is perfect. Love this

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Maltese Named Abigail

A couple of months ago, my mother and I met up with this lady's daughter and her husband. We live in Lexington, KY and we had to meet them half way in

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Maltese Mix - Poppy

Our 5 month old Papillon Maltese mix Poppy is full of life... that's for sure! but she is very intelligent and easy going. From the first night she has

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Maltese Mix Name - Chloe

This name was given to her when we got her. A friend gave her to me. Her name is Chloe. She is a Maltese Shih Tzu mixed. We love her so much. She gets

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Maltese Pug Mix - Enzo

Enzo the Maltese Pug mix was born on August 17th of 2014, this year. He is so adorable and loves to play and so far has been a pleasure hanging out with

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Questions About Lhatese - Abby

We have just adopted Abby(we renamed her), she is 4 1/2 months old and seems to be every smart. We were told she was potty trained, but has had two accidents

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Savannah AKA Pup-Pup

My Maltese dog was not the best dog I ever had but for sure the one with the most personality!!! She came to live with me in the summer of 09 when I took

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It was love at first sight for my Maltese dog. I treasure every moment I had with you.thank you for all the love and joy you brought into my life. Losing

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Maltese Lhasa Mix - Lucy Lu

My Maltese Lhasa mix dogs name is Lucy Lu she's a little love bug. She's the sweetest most loving dog I've ever had. Her favorite place to be is sitting

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Maltese Cavalier Mix - Maisie

Maisie is real crazy! My Maltese Cavalier mix is always happy to see us and loves meeting new people. We have never heard Maisie growl at us or look upset

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Maltese Papillon Puppy - Cherokee

Cherokee (pictured here) at 8 weeks as a Maltese Papillon puppy. She is very cute and cheeky and just loves life, cuddles,running like the wind and adores

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Crested Maltese Mix - Mufosa

We got Mufosa, my Chinese Crested Maltese mix, when he was only 2 months old. I had a long debate with myself about getting another dog. But since getting

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Tiny Maltese - Tara

Tara is the sweetest little, tiny Maltese dog. She is actually so easy to potty train. She stays in her cage without complain. When I bring her out is

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Jatese - Riley

Riley is five year old Jatese! He is very sweet and cuddly - very much a lap dog. He loves to be outside and go on walks but he doesn't understand tug-of-war,

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Male Maltese Puppy - Hermes

This is my new little boy Hermes. My husband took me on a long journey to the other side of the country to find him as he thought that he would help ease

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Maltese Cavalier Mix - Bobby

Bobby is a friendly, playful, and fun loving Maltese Cavalier mix. We've only had him 4 weeks but he's already very responsive and training is going well.

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Maltese Schnauzer Mix - Butler

Butler is a very energetic and super friendly Maltese Schnauzer mix. He is always wanting to do new things. I have noticed he does have bad allergies.

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Silkese - Maggie

Maggie is a 13 month old Silkese with a great personality. She is a big girl. Maggie weighs in at 14 lbs but she has a short stature. She loves to play

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