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My Cairn terrier Maltese mix is a very lovely dog to the people that are mainly around him, but he is also very protective over us as well. Some new people

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In Loving Memory of Smoosh

Not a day goes by I don't think of my sweet baby girl. This has been the 3rd hardest loss I've ever experienced close behind loosing my grandparents. She

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What Maltese Mix is Shark?

The breeder told us he's Maltese, but Maltese only weigh 4-7 pounds while he weighs 14. I know for sure he is not just a Maltese. He's very attached and

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Maltese Puppy Niko

My puppy Niko is now 8 months and weigh 10.5 lbs. At 6 months old he already weighted 8.5 lb. When I bought him I was sure I would have a small little

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Jatese - Neko

Neko is our bubbly 3yr old Jatese, He's 9.5lbs. loves to run through the house jumping on furniture chasing/playing with my 9yr old son or my nephews until

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Pekingese Maltese Mix - MONA

I love my Pekingese Maltese mix. She's adorable! Very well behaved loves to tumble everywhere, shes a doll I love her!

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I feed my 8 months old Maltese Royal Canin puppy food. I find my Maltese to be a difficult eater so, most of the time I have to hydrate his dry food, he

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Masey was born on the 25th May 2014. She is a very playful, loving puppy. She is a very bright puppy & a fast learner, although she is not treat driven

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Cheech and Chong

I have two Pek-a-teses, Cheech and Chong. They are two boys, one like to sleep all the time and one likes to play.They came from the same litter a year

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Happy Dog - Bogart

Bogart is such a happy dog, and always has a smile on his face to show it! He's a great watchdog and is a little timid around adult strangers, but loves

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Suprise DNA Test - Milo

Milo was born March 27, 2015. His mom; so I was told by the breeder; were a Morky and his dad; were also a Morky. So; After the pups were born- Milo

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Malt Mix - Zoey

My Crested Malt mix loves children and smaller animals like my rabbit. She's very energetic and playful.She playing fetch, racing and does tricks. She

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Iggy (Igor)

Iggy is the sweetest, most cuddly, loving little boy. He was 6 mos old when I got him, and he is turning 3 this month. He is my little buddy, always

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Cody was a rescue puppy at 10 weeks old. He became my best friend. Sadly, I only had him in my life 7 years. He passed away from illness January 17th,

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Jax is a 6 month old Paptise. He is super smart, cute and has a wonderful disposition. He is very playful and like to have human interaction when he plays.

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Phoebe Taylor-RIP-9/29/94-3/05/09

I just lost my malshi. She was 14 years & 3 months. I bought her from a neighborhood pet store. My partner & i argued about getting a dog. I had never

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Puppy Dog - Winnie

My wife and I got Winnie a couple months ago, and she has brought nothing, but joy to our lives! Winnie was born on 12/20/2014. She is a little piggy and

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Ollie - Inmate 103114

Don't let the sad face fool ya. This inmate is bad to the bone. When he gets upset, watch your step, because he will give you a big surprise in several

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Lamb For My Little Lamb

My two year old maltese is thriving on what I am cooking for him. It turns out that he is allergic to chicken and that's what got me looking for an alternative.

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We bought Buddy as a purebred Chinese crested powderpuff, from a breeder in New Jersey. After she shipped him to us, and we spoke to her vet, we learned

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Loving Lambchop

Lambchop is 5 yrs old and weighs in around 6 lbs. He has the best personality but needs to be with someone 24/7 or he will pout. Luckily he goes to work

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Maltese Miniature Pinscher - Puca

Puca is four and a half months old. His mother was a Maltese and his dad a Miniature Pinscher. He loves to fetch and return his tennis ball. He listens

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Benny - Maltese Chihuahua Mix

Benny was a stray for at least 9 weeks in the dead of winter in Kansas City. She returned to a store every night to keep warm by the pipes to sleep. The

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My sweety boy Choki, we love you so much since our eyes met for the first time on Nov 2012. He was 1 y/o when come to my life... very cute, lovely, smart

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Maltese Pup - Rocky

My Maltese pup Rocky is a very sweet, adorable and so active pal dog, he wakes me up everyday and he loves to be caress. I just love him so much.

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Markie a Morkie

She is 4 yrs old, and weighs 8 or 9 pounds. She looks more like the Yorkie side than the Maltese side. The tan fur on her is much lighter than the Yorkie

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What Maltese Mix is Ollie?

His previous owner didn't know what he was crossed with other than he was a Maltese cross. We've had him for about a month. His dark face & fur has got

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Playful Pup - Braxton

He's hyper when left in the cage while were gone, and he doesn't listen sometimes. He even potties inside if he isn't on schedule. He loves the kids, even

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Louis is 12 weeks old and already is home smart! He sleeps all day as he knows he needs to save his energy for when the kids get home from school that

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Adopted Charlie

We adopted Charlie from the Cleveland APL about 3 years ago and was told that she was a Cairmal. She is very sweet and has lots of energy for two things

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Cute Dog Names - Snuggles

It wasn't hard to pick this adorable name for my fur baby, since that's all he wants to do. As soon as you pick him up he lays in your arms and the look

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Tiny Dog Names - Cassie

I wanted a pretty name for a pretty little dog. Cassie is a 7 month old Maltese x Chihuahua. She is super tiny and only weighs 4 lb. She is my little princess

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Maltese Terrier - Pretzel

My sweet sweet little angel is Pretzel and she is almost 8 months old. We rescued her 3 months ago and they told us she's a Terrier mix. We have no idea

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Rescued Dog - Emmett

Emmett is a 4 year old Japanese Chin/Maltese mix whom I adopted from a rescue as a puppy. He has a mind of his own and a very distinct personality, but

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Playful Opus

My Maltese Cocker mix is 7 years old and named opus. He was extremely easy to train and housebreak. He is fiercly loyal and honestly the best dog I have

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Intelligent Maltese Mix - Lexa

Our Papitese Lexa is a fantastic little dog. Very intelligent,very opinionated and the happiest little soul ever! Her name is our grandsons name spelled

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Maltese Named Gin-Gin

My Maltese name is Gin-Gin. In named her Gin-Gin because I like I dream of Jeannie show and Jeannie's dog name was Gin-Gin. My other Maltese dog is Jon-Jon

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Dog Tear Stain Remover - Topical Treatments

Looking for a dog tear stain remover to get rid of ugly dog eye stain? Try these cheap and easy solutions to dog tear staining.

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It is easy to pronounce, and although I am from Norway, I bought my Maltese puppy in Pakistan (where I currently work) - and in Urdu, Bali is a fun name

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Shelter Dog - Matilda

We adopted from a shelter but are 99% sure she's a Cairn Maltese mix. A little high maintenance; she needs at least 30 mins of hard exercise a day and

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Melissa's Maltese Doggie Food Recipe

3 lbs. ground turkey 1 lb ground pork (meats could be chicken or beef, but my pup is allergic to chicken) 2 packages frozen mixed veggies (check to make

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Maltese Dog Secrets

The top 7 Maltese dog secrets that I've discovered from having two Maltese dogs in my family for over 10 years.

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Puppy Pads for Bailey

Bailey is 5 years old and 11 pounds. He has gained a little over the winter months with our walking activity slowed down. He is the love of my life.

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Maltese Cocker Spaniel - Toby

Toby is from a Dad Maltese and Black Cocker Spaniel Mom. Now 7 months old (almost 25lbs) and most of the time, mistaken as a golden retrieve pup. He sheds

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Maltese Puppy Tube

Who doesn't love Maltese puppies? Get your daily does of cuteness here.

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Sunny and Rico

These are my Maltipoo puppies: Sunny and Rico. I love them so much. They are now 5 months and as hyper and loveable as anything.

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No Teacup Maltese

I have to interject here, the Standard for a Maltese is 4-6 pounds 7 pounds acceptable. There is no such thing as a Teacup and any breeder who uses that

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Angels Delight Natural Tear Stain Remover

I've known about the antibiotic OTC tear stain removers for some time but didn't want to use them. I found a natural solution to tear staining that you

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