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Maltese Weight

Find out if your Maltese puppy weight is in comparison to other Maltese puppies.

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Puppy Weight

Find out if your puppy weight is on track with other puppies using the puppy weight chart.

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Maltese Puppy Weight

Is Maltese puppy weight a healthy one? Find out what other Maltese puppies weigh a different ages.

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Zoe - Maltese Jack Russell Mix

We rescued Zoe, but we have no idea her actual mix. From her small frame, cute little sad eyes and piggly curly tail, Zoe has a springy bottom and jumps

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Kiko is 6 Years old and is quite the lap dog but he does love being outside especially if it's in Downtown or the dog park! He is quite the charmer ( I

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He had a life threatening surgical procedure done at 2 years old in which he almost died but thanks to God he is still with us at 4 years old. This little

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This is Emma she loves people I have a brother that was allergic to dogs but my dream was to have one my dad came home one day with a little dog she was

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Maltese Papillon - Jack

Our Maltese Papillon Jack is the most loyal and friendly of any pet I have ever owned. He has so much personality, wears his emotions through his eyes,

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Papitese - Appleton Williams

My Papitese Appleton is the best!! He loves EVERYBODY!! He likes to say hi to everyone he comes across, humans and pets! He is very sweet and loving.

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Papillion Maltese Mix - Benji

Benji is 6 months now and is the most loving puppy ever! I stumbled upon him unexpectedly and knew I had to have him.The previous owner has the mom which

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Maltipoo - Princess Bella

I was so happy to find this site! I am an almost 3yr breast cancer survivor. I received Princess Bella as a gift from my husband on my one year cancerversary.

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Lulu just turn 1 year this month she is about 8 lbs now her ears fall down she puts them up sometimes

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Maltese Mini Schnauzer Mix - Saylor

My Maltese mini Schnauzer mix, Saylor, is the best dog I've ever had! He thinks he is a little child and likes to sleep on the pillows in the bed with

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My Trixie is 3months old and shes a pistol! she is healthy and full of life. Trying to train her to fetch. she is smart. We got her from some friends

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Maltese Mix - Jamie

Jamie was found on the street and rescued by a Maltese Rescue group. He was named James but when I adopted him I decided to call him Jamie. They think

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Gizmo is now 11 years old and has been the most enjoyable little guy. He topped out at 7 lbs of love and cuddles. He gets along with everyone he meets.

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We rescued Frankie from a friend that found him abandoned. The vet determined his age to be about six months. He is friendly and playful. He is definitely

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Minks, Captain, Charlie Brown

I was given these three babies just a couple of days ago along with their mother Luna who is the Maltese. They’re just learning to walk and are still trying

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Winston is a cross between a sweet lazy lapdog and a coke addict. There isn't much middleground. He is high spirited, sharp, and very playful. He loves

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Jezebel is very funny and seems to like doing joke faces and making people laugh. She loves travel and goes with me everywhere. She is 5. She can be very

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Chloe Malteagle

She is loyal protective and sweet. She gets alone with other dogs and cats. She has a matural mo Instinct but was never bred. She eats alot and id 25

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Intelligent, loyal, can take it to work, to travel...even in motorcycle...this is the perfect breed dog. Pichicha born: 1998 / die: 2016

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Her name is Bella. She is eight years old and my best friend. She is sweet, loves people, kids, other dogs. She is extremely intelligent and follows me

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I adopted him when he was almost 9 years old. I also adopted his 9 year old Shih Tzu sister with him. Baxter is such a happy friendly little guy. He

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Romeo is 12 weeks old. He is very well behaved and only whines when he wants to cuddle. He already goes to the door when he has to potty. Romeo understands

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Kobe the Maltese Peke Mix

Kobe is 3 years old now and has been the most loving and caring dog. My Maltese Peke mix loves to stay outside and lounge in the sun. He also loves to

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Remembering Gigi

Gigi came into my 11 years ago as a puppy, he was my Christmas present. He was my first doggie and he was given to me by my husband so that I could find

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Maltese Memorial for Lacee

Lacee came into our lives 14 and a half years ago when we already had a small collie. It wasn’t my intention of getting another dog, but my daughter wanted

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White Jatese - Sweetpea

Well, we don't call Sweetpea a Jatese. When I bought, 1 day before her 8 week birthdate, I was told she is a Malchin. So, not sure what to call our precious

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Jatese Lap Dog - Pluto

He is sweet, adorable and loves attention. The only issue is he gets very jealous when my kids talk to me or anyone else talks to me for that matter. Truly

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Angelina the Dog Witch

Angelina was a witch for halloween . It had a witches hat with orange hair & a tutu.

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We adopted our Cairmal pup about two months ago. He is a wonderful addition to the family as we have a Morkie and two kitties as well. Ravi is full of

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Maltese Cairn Terrier - Moki

He is 8 weeks old and is 3/4 Maltese and 1/4 Cairn Terrier. I was wondering based on his picture, how he will look like when he is an adult.

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Pug Maltese Mix - Zooey

Zooey was born on Feb. 22, 2017. Her Dad is a black pure Pug and her Mom is a pure white Maltese. She is very playful and has all the characteristic of

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Maltese Cocker Mix

Maltese Cocker mix dogs and puppies. Cute pictures and stories of these adorable Maltese mixes.

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Buddy is my cheerful adventure partner. He has the sweetest disposition and charms everyone he meets. He's also a bit of a Houdini finding secret ways

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Chin Maltese Mix - Mr. Higgins

Mr. Higgins is 14 yrs old. he is a Chin Maltese mix. his mom is chin and his father Maltese. his mom, is the sweetest dog, and loving. his father was

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Mauzer Mix - Zoe Belle

My Zoe Belle is a Mauzer mix that I adopted from a rescue organization. She is a 2 yr old 7lb affectionate loving scruffy smart little dog who knows sit,

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Pug Maltese Mix - Zooey

Zooey was born on Feb. 22, 2017. Her Dad is a pure black Pug and her Mom is a pure white Maltese. She is very playful and has all the characteristic of

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Maltese Peke Puppy - Ace

Ace is 11 months old. I've had for 6 months now. Ace is an active, curious, and playful little fellow. Potty training him was probably my biggest challenge

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Silkese - Cococ (Coconut)

She is a super sweet and smart cute Silkese puppy! She is only about 5 pounds and has the cutest ears in the world. :)

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Blue Buffalo Dog Food Reduces Eye Stain

My Maltese puppy eats Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Adult Chicken & Rice Formula Dog Food (also have Puppy formula) Gluten Free Food keeps

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Blue Buffalo Food for Benji

Benji loves Blue Buffalo for puppies. He get the dry and wet food. We just started about a week ago. It seems to be helping with the eye staining also..

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Calvin is 3 months old. He was born on May 17th, 2016. Calvin loves running in parks and playing with foreign people, but doesnt like to walk with a leash

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Cairn Terrier Maltese - Zowee

So so smart and sweet. Mother Cairn Terrier, father Maltese.

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Buddy - Summer Casual

Buddy attending his 1st wedding in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Dress code - Summer Casual

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Cute Dog Name - Cooper

I met an elderly man that called ALL dogs Cooper and I thought that was unique and cute. So I ended up naming my little guy- Cooper His AKA name is: Mr.

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Bridgette came into our lives 13 years ago, she was with my wife and I when our daughter went to the Peace Corps. She was my sunshine, a sparking jewel

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Bruno is a handful. Yes, he is smart. Yes, he loves to dig. He was very difficult to potty train. We had to put him with another dog a Chocolate Lab

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