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Bruno is a handful. Yes, he is smart. Yes, he loves to dig. He was very difficult to potty train. We had to put him with another dog a Chocolate Lab

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Rescued Papitese - Frankie

We rescued Frankie from a friend that found him abandoned. The vet determined his age to be about six months. He is friendly and playfull. He is definitely

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Highland Maltie - Loco

Loco is an 8 year old Highland Maltie with a big personality. He loves to play and will happily play by himself, tossing a toy into the air and retrieving

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17lb Maltese - Katie

Katie was 4 months old when I got her and she was under 3 lbs. She is now 7 yrs old and weighs 17 lbs. She is a diva but will work for food preferably

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My Maltese/Shih-Tzu is more Maltese than Shih-Tzu... Owner said these pups all take after the dad who was a maltese. Both parents were small... We got

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Blue Wilderness and Call of the Wild dog food

No more tear stains. Tried everything in the book. Blue Wilderness and Call of the Wild food mixed together. The dry dog food. Rosebud is now 5 and no

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Did Not Use

I was looking online for a teacup or micro teacup maltese and came across the site listed above, The cost was 1300.00 marked down to

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Bibi is a 15mth old Maltese Silky cross with a lovely temperament. Hasn't been trained yet and doesn't really like toys would rather spend time with you

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My beautiful Lola she was the most amazing maltese she gave me the best love ever, it's 11 days since she pass its so hard to say goodbye only I had her

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Meat and Vegie Delight

US Wellness sells PET BURGERS made with grass fed AND finished beef( meaning beef is not bulked up on GMO corn/soy)+ organs ground up in burgers I puree

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Silk Coker Puppy - LUNA🌙

My silky cocker is a puppy she only have 7 weeks old, her name is Luna🌙 She is very obedient, friendly, smart, she is the best..!!! I love her so much..

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LuLu - Silky Terrier Maltise Mix Puppy

Lulu is an adorable 6 month old Silky Terrier Maltise Mix puppy. She loves to play, chase, and stay by your side. She is a spunky, very active little dog.

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Happy Lulu

Lulu is a happy 8 month old she loves to play and eats everything. We have been trying to potty train her she is hard to get her to know out side all the

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9 Week Maltese Puppy - Ellie

Ellie is 9 weeks old and weighs 1.8 lbs. She's such a good puppy! This is my first puppy and I am so in love. This picture shows her enjoying belly rubbing

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Lhatese Mix - Sophie

Little Sophie is just superb, she is 12 weeks old (born on 28 February 2016) and has already learnt to sit and today she is even learning to shake paws/hands.

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Friendly Jaba

Jaba is almost 8 months old, a very friendly little guy that loves attention. He also loves to cuddle and play. Jaba is great with children, other dogs

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Little Cairmal - Bailey

We lost our 11 yr old Maltese March 21. I Googled Maltese and found our little Cairmal at our local Petland. His birthday is Dec 13, 2015. He is a playful,

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Pug Maltese Mix - Hank

Our Pug Maltese mix Hank is the sweetest boy! He is fun & goofy. He makes me laugh everyday. He is quite smart and knows so many tricks. Hank was incredibly

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Cairmal Puppy - Bailey

Our little guy was born Dec 13 2015. We lost our Maltese at 11 yrs. Looking for a new puppy, I Googled Maltese and found our Cairmal at our local Petland.

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Maltese Peke Mix - Zoey

My Zoey is 6 years old. I've had her since she was a newborn pup, just a couple months old. Her dad was brown & mom was pure white color. My Maltese Peke

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Maltese Papillion Mix - Toby

This is my snuggle lover boy! He's 5 years old and the biggest cuddler there is! He loves to be outside and is out to get those dang squirrels that tease

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Lahtese Female - Sox

Sox is a one year old lahtese female. She is so cute, everyone likes her, her coat is long and when she runs it flows, she reminds me of a little Chinese

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Highland Maltie - Maggie

She has 1o lovely years, very clever, educated , and she want to play with her ball all day, lovely mix my bb

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Havanese Maltese Mix - DesiLu

DesiLu is a cute black and white color Havanese Maltese mix. Her head is all black with defined gray eye brows and white hair on top of her head. We love

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Maltese Chinese Crested - Scooter

We were blessed with Scooter when he was six months old. He was one of two pups in the litter. He has fit into our family just perfectly. He is 8 lbs

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Oliver & Thea Beagle Maltese Mix

Our sweet Oliver was originally the dog we had pick out he was born on June 7,2015 we pick him up on July 25,2015 was a quite puppy hardly ever bark slept

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Cute Boy Dog Names

Looking for some cute boy dog names for your puppy or dog. Read stories about why other people choose these cute dog names.

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Female Dog Names

Find some female dog names for you Maltese puppy or Maltese dog. Read stories about why other people choose these female Maltese dog names.

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Italian Dog Names - Bella

Because it's Italian for beautiful girl and she has the best temperament for a puppy I've known she listens to me, she's not mischievous and knows when

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H20 and Peroxide for Eye Stain

Safe effective and inexpensive! The cotton pads cost more than the peroxide. BTW, always buy the smallest bottle of peroxide you can find. You also

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Funny Maltese Puppy - Gizmo

Gizmo is very funny, and loving but has mood swings and sometimes eats his poop... He is 5 months old now and I really do not want him to grow anymore

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Maltese Pekingese Puppy - Bella

My Maltese Pekingese puppy is a bundle of joy and lovable. At 7weeks she is very intelligent and cry when she wants to go outside to do her business. Loyal

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Miss Hayzee Mai

We are puppy pad people. She will potty outside every time you take her, but she's not big on poo duty outside. We've had her sine she was 13 weeks,

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Amos likes Whole Earth Farms with Chicken and Turkey, grain free recipe.

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Maltese Mix - Rubie

Rubie is a Silky Cocker Maltese mix born on June 2015. A very devoted puppy easy to train. loves to be around other dogs but the eyes are always on me.

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Small Maltese - Rasta

Rasta is 14 months old.she weighs 4.5 lbs.she is smaller than the rest in the litter.

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Male Jatese - Blue

We got a male Jatese, likes to be the center of attraction, soooo much affectionate, great with our family, good temperament especially with my 2 boys

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You barked incessantly and tortured the neighbors but we loved you with all of our hearts.  You always alerted us to problems like when your brother, Bear,

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Pixel the Tiny Maltese

Pixel is 2.0 lbs at 6 yrs old. My tiny Maltese and sweet. I keep her in full coat, which requires weekly baths and almost daily grooming. To keep her from

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Cooper the Maltese Puppy

My friends sister found my sweet little angel in a box 2 Years ago. My Maltese puppy looks just like my first sweet Patty girl! She passed a couple of

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Melo loves Blue Buffalo grain free small breed puppy food perfect for my teacup bundle of joy.

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Schnauzer Maltese - Riley

I recently adopted my Schnauzer Maltese mix Riley who just turned 1 yrs old! He is extremely playful and adapted very well to his new family! He is very

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Riley - Maltese Poodle Terrier

Riley is eight years young! She is the sweetest and loves her toys and cat Sohie. When we were looking for a dog, my husband wanted a larger pooch. I

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I recently adopted Riley who just turned 1 yrs old! He is extremely playful and adapted very well to his new family! My Maltese Schnauzer is very loving

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Huckleberry Finn

Huckleberry Finn is my daemon meaning animal manifestation of your personality/soul. he is my companion, my reminder of what loyalty means, and my playmate.

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Missy - Malti-Pug

Missy is a Malti-Pug about 1 and a half years old! She loves car rides, sitting on laps, playing with cats, dog treats, and cuddling with you at night.

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Maltese Pup - Ruby King

Just before Xmas last year we lost or dog Benji. We were devastated. We have started our count down to getting our new Maltese pup Ruby. 3 weeks and 2

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Nessie Maltese - Scottish Collie

Nessie is a mix between a Maltese and a Scottish collie, she is one of 7 pups born in the litter. The father is a big, well built Scottish collie and the

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PO PO Bear

PO Bear is a Malshi. She was given to me and my daughter four years ago this December 2015. PO just turned 4 this month, September 2015. I cannot begin

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