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Maltese Lhasa Mix - Bear Bear

Bear Bear has a great personality. He is absolutely obsessed with his owner, and will follow me at all times. My Maltese Lhasa mix is very protective and

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Cricket has been nothing short of a fabulous pet. Cricket was a rescue dog. I got her when she was 2 months old. She will be six yrs. old this year. I

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Elliott the Jackatease

Our little Jacktese (Jack Russell Maltese mix) was a rescue that we adopted 4 years ago. He was (they think) about 1 at the time. He is super smart,

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Pekingese Maltese Mix Dog - Mini Mia

She is a 5 pound smart, stubborn yet playful and loving Pekingese Maltese mix dog. She was all black and white but turning silver. She was potty trained

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Rip the Malchi

He is a chocolate, chocolate nose Malchi with tons of spunk. He was fairly easy to house break, and gets along great with our 2 year old Shihtzu. He weighs

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Doxie Maltese Mix - Frankie

Frankie came to me on Christmas 2020. He was 8 weeks old. My Doxie Maltese mix was so very tiny and adorable. Since then he has stolen very many hearts.

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Cairn Maltese Mix - Toby

We rescued a Maltese terrier mix and we’ve been looking and looking to find out what terrier he is, and we believe that he is a Cairn Maltese mix. He loves

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Moose the Maltese Dachshund

This little Maltese Dachshund pup, at 1 wk old, was discarded along with his litter. Whole office cared for & paid for the whole litter-vet, daily/nightly

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Minni - Mini Fox Terrier X Maltese

Minni is 9 years old. Found in a pet shop, on her own last of the litter. Gifted to me as a surprise. She was around seven weeks old when we met. She

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Scooby the Morkie

He's the coolest and calmest Dog in the world. He can do all kinds of tricks.

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My Malchi China is very sweet loves to run and take long walks with me. We got her in late November at 7 weeks old at 3.38 lbs. she’s now 6.4 lbs and is

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Maltese Husky Mix - Taz

Taz is a Maltese and Husky mix or Maltsky. He was born October 6th. He is a ball of energy and such a joy to have in our lives. He loves tug a war and

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Maltese Chihuahua - Buttons

Thank goodness we found our little princess at the onset of the pandemic. We live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and also endured the trauma of the devastating

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Here is my beautiful baby Maya all dressed up in her winter holiday dress. Maya loves to model herself off to the camera.

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Frost didnt like the snow. He stood on this tree stump for me to rescue him.

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Is a Mauxie Dog the Right Maltese Mix for You?

Learn all about the Mauxie or Maltese Dachshund mix. Find out what real Mauxie dog owners have to say and view adorable Dachshund Maltese mix pictures.

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How to Find Responsible Maltese Puppy Breeders

Find out how to choose the most responsible Maltese puppy breeders in your area.

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Is a Maltese Schnauzer Mix the Right Dog for You?

Learn all about the Maltese Schnauzer mix or Mauzer. Find out what real Mauzer dog owners have to say and view adorable Maltese Miniature Schnauzer photos.

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Maltese Dog Photo Contests

Enter to win great prizes in our monthly Maltese dog photo contests. Does your Maltese have what it takes to win a dog photo competition?

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Are Maltese Papillon Dogs the Right Maltese Mix for You?

Learn all about the Papitese or Maltese Papillon dogs. Find out what real Papitese dog owners have to say and view adorable Maltese Papillon pictures.

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Is a Pekingese Maltese Mix the Right Dog for You?

Find out what real Pek-A-Tese dog owners have to say and view adorable Pekingese Maltese mix pictures.

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Liliana Bergdorf (Lilly)

My first Maltese was Tatiana Bergdorf (Tati) I wanted a formal name for my purebred princess , but an easy nickname. When she passed I wanted the same

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Sippy Cup

her real name is Luna but she started running to me when I said that I needed my Sippy Cup.

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Dexter Morgan

I love the TV show Dexter so I chose the name Dexter Morgan based off of the main character

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Harley Quinn in her Christmas Fire Dog Pjs & Matching scarf

Harley Quinn absolutely loves sitting in her Mom’s lap while at the beauty salon, that is if she’s not in her Mom’s purse. Mom enjoys the holidays with

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Micah the (girly) Snowman

Living in Texas, Micah has never even seen snow, so she was extra excited to be a snowman! By excited I mean she lives to please me and knows she'll get

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Luna is smart, playful, lovable and loyal. She can be stubborn and bratty. She is very attached to her momma and watches me like a hawk all day. She really

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Snuggles in his Santa hat

My little fur baby Snuggles doesn't like any clothes on him, but he knew it was Christmas time so he put on his Santa hat just to let everyone know it's

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Top Maltese Dog Names

Find out what the top Maltese dog names are and get some ideas to use for your new Maltese puppy.

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2020 Cutest Maltese Christmas Dog Costume Contest

If you've ever put a Christmas costume on your Maltese, your "dressed up doggie" could be famous! WIN A FREE doggy prize pack (worth $45) and a copy of my ebook "Complete Maltese Care Made Simple" (worth $17) by entering the contest below.

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Is a Maltese Lhasa Mix the Right Dog for You?

Learn all about the Maltese Lhasa mix or Lhatese. Find out what real Lhatese dog owners have to say and view adorable Maltese Lhasa apso pictures.

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Naturally Remove Dog Tear Stains

Discover what natural remedies can reduce or even remove dog tear stains. Dog tear staining is one of the biggest problems Maltese owners face.

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Heidi just chilling in her scarf, hat, and shades!

Heidi is just chillin' in her scarf, hat, and shades! Looks like she is trying to look like Stevie Ray Vaughn! Heidi is a Malti-pom. She is 4 years old.

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Angel Eyes (regular formula, not the natural formula)

I give milo .5 tsp each day with peanut butter. really works well. Give it about 2 weeks when you first start the Angel Eyes. Remember to use the regular

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Abby is 7.5 years old. She is absolutely the best dog ever. Sweet temperament and so loving. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. She enjoys walks and

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Charlie is very hyper. He also has seperation anxiety. When I leave him to go someplace he goes crazy. But I love the little rascal very much. Charlie

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Bailey - Holiday Bowtie

I do prefer the tie....,🐾🐾

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Bailey - Red Sequin Collar

Just a cute bright red sequin over the head holiday collar. 🐾💕

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Teena in Sequin Christmas Dress

Teena in sequin Christmas dress in front of Christmas tree.

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Sir Bailey McDuff - Holiday Royalty

To go as long with holiday royalty a bright red velvet chair is fitting. I really do not mind posing🐾💕🐾

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Bailey - Holiday Outfit 🎄

I think this is picture perfect. 🐾🎄🐾

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Sawyer the Snow Man

Sawyer’s white color has always reminded me of fluffy snow. So I had to buy this cute snowman costume off of Amazon. When I first tried it on him he was

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Ava - Christmas Jammies

Ava usually wears her Christmas Jammies to see Santa, but once in a while, she'll wear one of her beautiful Christmas dresses made just for her.

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Talley Santa Dress

I only just purchased this costume recently as I have been looking for one.

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Santa Millie

She doesn’t really like to dress up, but she’s oh so cute! Millie is our cuddle buddy and the sweetest lil doggie ever! Love her so much!!! Soon to be

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Elle & Allie

Our 5 year old fur babies are sisters that love their yearly visit to see Santa. They always ask for treats and toys and when they are there, they donate

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Small Dog Costumes

Need to find the best small dog costumes? See what small pet costumes other small dog owners recommend.

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Should You Make Your Own Dog Food?

Trying to decide if you should make your own dog food? Learn the pros and cons of making your own dog food and if home cooked dog food really is the best for your dog.

Continue reading "Should You Make Your Own Dog Food?"

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