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Heidi just chilling in her scarf, hat, and shades!

Heidi is just chillin' in her scarf, hat, and shades! Looks like she is trying to look like Stevie Ray Vaughn! Heidi is a Malti-pom. She is 4 years old.

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Angel Eyes (regular formula, not the natural formula)

I give milo .5 tsp each day with peanut butter. really works well. Give it about 2 weeks when you first start the Angel Eyes. Remember to use the regular

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Abby is 7.5 years old. She is absolutely the best dog ever. Sweet temperament and so loving. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. She enjoys walks and

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Charlie is very hyper. He also has seperation anxiety. When I leave him to go someplace he goes crazy. But I love the little rascal very much. Charlie

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Bailey - Holiday Bowtie

I do prefer the tie....,🐾🐾

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Bailey - Red Sequin Collar

Just a cute bright red sequin over the head holiday collar. 🐾💕

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Teena in Sequin Christmas Dress

Teena in sequin Christmas dress in front of Christmas tree.

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Sir Bailey McDuff - Holiday Royalty

To go as long with holiday royalty a bright red velvet chair is fitting. I really do not mind posing🐾💕🐾

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Bailey - Holiday Outfit 🎄

I think this is picture perfect. 🐾🎄🐾

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Sawyer the Snow Man

Sawyer’s white color has always reminded me of fluffy snow. So I had to buy this cute snowman costume off of Amazon. When I first tried it on him he was

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Ava - Christmas Jammies

Ava usually wears her Christmas Jammies to see Santa, but once in a while, she'll wear one of her beautiful Christmas dresses made just for her.

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Talley Santa Dress

I only just purchased this costume recently as I have been looking for one.

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Santa Millie

She doesn’t really like to dress up, but she’s oh so cute! Millie is our cuddle buddy and the sweetest lil doggie ever! Love her so much!!! Soon to be

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Elle & Allie

Our 5 year old fur babies are sisters that love their yearly visit to see Santa. They always ask for treats and toys and when they are there, they donate

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Small Dog Costumes

Need to find the best small dog costumes? See what small pet costumes other small dog owners recommend.

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Maltese Dog Photo Contests

Enter to win great prizes in our monthly Maltese dog photo contests. Does your Maltese have what it takes to win a dog photo competition?

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Should You Make Your Own Dog Food?

Trying to decide if you should make your own dog food? Learn the pros and cons of making your own dog food and if home cooked dog food really is the best for your dog.

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Best Puppy Food For Maltese

Find out if you're feeding your Maltese quality puppy food or just junk. See a complete list of the best puppy food for Maltese puppies.

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Discover the Fascinating Maltese Dog History

Find out all about Maltese dog history, Learn what cool facts make this 8,000 year old small dog breed so special.

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Cheap and Free Maltese Puppies

Discover the best ways to find top quality, cheap or free Maltese puppies.

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Dogs Are Family

Do you agree that dogs are family too? Find out what car company treats dogs as an equal family member.

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Maltese Celebrity Dog Names

Famous dog names for Maltese and their celebrity dog owners. Find the best celebrity dog names for your Maltese.

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Is a Cairmal Dog the Right Maltese Mix for You?

Learn all about the Cairmal or Maltese Cairn Terrier Mix. Find out what real Cairmal dog owners have to say and view adorable Maltese Cairn Terrier pictures.

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Are Maltese Beagle Mix Dogs the Right Maltese Mix for You?

Learn all about Maltese Beagle mix dogs or the Malteagle. Find out what real Malteagle dog owners have to say and view adorable Maltese Beagle pictures.

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Lola is currently a 6month old little girl. She is all black with a white belly. She is a bundle of joy, not a mean bone in her body. Lola was very easily

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Maltese Chinese Crested - Fluffy

Fluffy is 14 years old and weighs 5kg. He is very affectionate and loves a good cuddle. He is very playful even in his old age. The vets are very impressed

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Cheap Maltese Mix Dog

Found her on Craigslist. She's 3 1/2 yrs old, and is just a total love bug. During this pandemic time dogs and pups are a very hard commodity. I just

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Maltese Silky Terrier Mix - ALFREDWAR

He’s the most protective dog ever. Hugs and handshakes are not allowed and you can’t get anywhere near five be close to me he won’t allow anyone to stand

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Our former dog had the name Sir Chelsie Winston

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Bella - Maltese Pom

I got Bella Christmas. She was born 11/8/2019. Was told she was a Maltese Pomeranian. Mother is Maltese. Still up in the air about father for he was not

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Eye envy

Hi! So my Maltese began to eat our cat’s salmon, and got horrible tear stains. Her Angel Eyes chews and distilled water ( used to keep her tear stain free),

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He’s a very affectionate loving family dog. But is not very good with other dogs or non family members. Barks everytime he sees another pet. He gets anxious

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Pepper - Mauxie

Pepper is a 4 month old beautiful little girl weighing in at 5lbs. She is incredibly intelligent but pretends/prefers us hoomans don’t recognize that quality.

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She is a smart puppy and so playful; however, when she is at her puppy-park, she is so calm and without annoying. Panny is 4 month old. Her hair is growing

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Private owner on Facebook in my area

I honestly wanted a poodle to begin with... I searched online for quite awhile. I saw a picture of this blond/white puppy and just fell in love. I didn't

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Teddy is 7 years old but is very active for a pup that age. Totally addicted to his toys which he will bring anyone who comes to visit as a welcome gift.

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Coco Chanel

Coco is a 3 month old Maltese-Shih Tsu mix (1/4 Maltese) I got her at 6 weeks, one month after my 17 year Shih Tsu passed. She is the love of my life!

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She's turning 5 months & she's very intelligent, and going through her wild puppy hood. Entire family all love her.

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Charles Preston Piper

Charlie is 2 years old and lives with 2 humans and 2 cats. He loves EVERYONE! He is very protective of his human mom. It seems as though he has taken on

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Our little Dharma is very loyal and stubborn. But she is the sweetest and has never nipped at anyone. She is very patient. We love her!

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Our Gizmo is the most loving and cuddly little fella. He never likes to be alone and he protects our family.

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7lb Havamalt - Milly

Milly is a 7 pound Havamalt who gets along with everyone. She tamed her elder big sister, the Jack Rusell, as you can see here. She is energetic and

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We got Charlie from at 6 months we where told he was a pure bread Maltese. And he had nice long straight white hair .Until a few years ago his body hair

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Maltese best and simple recipe food for three weeks

ingredients : 2 kg chicken Brest boneless & skinless . 1 bag of pasta 500g. 400 g mix veg frozen bag (carrot, green peas) 2 ltr of potable water a)First

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Maltese Schnauzer Mix

Learn more about cute Maltese Schnauzer mix dogs.

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When we bought Wendell he was considered a Smaltese mix - which is a miniature schnauzer/maltese mix. He is the most wonderful dog. He is well behaved,

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100% Pure Spring Water (bottled)

Avoid any bottled water that contains added minerals for enhanced flavor! We use 100% Pure Spring Water. One gallon ingested over a normal period of time

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Maltese Bikers

My five Maltese love to ride in our Harley side car. We take them everywhere with us. We have started helping charities raise money by asking people to

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