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My little partner of 5 years was tragically killed by a large dog while visiting Kauai Hawaii this last January to March. He was killed on March 11th and

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Silky Cocker Cross - JoJo

I got my Silky Cocker cross JoJo back in 2008. He will be 6 years old this May. He has been the best companion and has helped me through many hard times

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Pug Maltese Cross - Happy

Happy is a very affectionate Pug Maltese cross and loves to be in company of people, also loves to play with other dogs, he is my daughter's best friend

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Naming a Maltese - Paxie

Paxie was actually named after a small town called Paxington. I got Paxie when she was 5 months old. Her previous owner knew her own health was not in

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Cavamalt - Trevor

Trevor is a Cavamalt dog who enjoys walks, sleep, toys and bubbles. His best friend is the cat, Malcolm. Trevor is a sucker for cuddles and can be considered

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Pekingese Maltese Cross - Zoie

I have had several dogs in my life but Zoie is at the top of my list. She, is smart, loyal and a laugh a minute. She just loves everyone and everyone loves

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Memorials for Dogs

Memorials for dogs and the people that loved them. Maltese and Maltese mixes.

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Pet Memorial

Beautiful pet memorial and tributes to loving Maltese dogs.

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Maltese Memorial

Touching Maltese memorials and tributes to Maltese dogs that have passed away.

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Cavamalt Puppy - Abby

Our Cavamalt puppy is nearly 11 weeks old. she is stunning, sleeps well and already goes outside to toilet. Loves being with my two children aged 6 and

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Maltese Westie Cross - Daisy

Daisy is the most energetic and bubbly dog I have ever come across. She knows she is beautiful as she trots as if she knows everyone is looking at her!

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Coton De Tulear Maltese Cross - Andy

Very bright and intelligent. We think he has us trained. He is energetic but also can just lay in your lap and chill. My Coton De Tulear Maltese cross

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Japanese Chin Maltese Cross - Sammy

Sammy is the best dog I have ever had!!! He is funny, and plays very well by himself. He has a favorite stuffed toy and he makes us laugh so hard when

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Pekatese - Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae is a very love able 3 year old Pekatese. When we got her she was 2 months old and weighed 4 lbs. today, she is 12 lbs and very healthy. She

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Intelligent Papitese - Oliver

My Papitese, Oliver, is two years old and he is a very intelligent and friendly dog. Oliver is an expert snuggler. Oliver's favorite activities are playing

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Maltese Border Collie - Trapper

Trapper was an oops puppy. His mother a full blood Maltese that had a visit from a Border Collie and they created 3 Mini Border Collies. Trapper is

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Maltese Cairn Terrier Cross - Cappuccino

I Got Cappy the Maltese Cairn Terrier cross when he was 3 weeks old. A lady said she couldn't take care of him so I took him. I've know had him over 3

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Maltese Beagle Cross - Mitzi

My Maltese Beagle cross is all white with just a few spots off lite tan. She is very lovable likes go be held like a baby and when carried she will sit

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Silky Terrier Cross - Pumpkin

Pumpkin was given to the family last year, just a few days after Christmas. She is a Maltese Silky Terrier cross. She's such an energetic and happy little

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Lhasa Apso Cross - Drone Francis

Drone is a adorable Maltese Lhasa Apso cross. He was born on 20th February,2013. He likes to stand on his back feet, and he likes to sprint a lot. he is

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Maltese Papillon Cross - Bella

Bella is a 4 month old Maltese Papillon cross. Her mother was a akc Maltese and father a akc Papillon. After 1 month she is almost fully potty trained.

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Tiny Toy Maltese - Oscar

This is my wee man Oscar, he weighs 4.5 - 5 pounds. So I guess he can be considered a teacup tiny toy Maltese. This photo is Oscar sitting in my gym

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Pug Maltese Cross - Nacho

Nacho is a 4 month old Pug Maltese cross and is tan and black. He has a great personality. He makes me laugh all the time. He is already completely

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Silkese Dog - Cooper

Cooper was the first dog I have. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to have a dog. Cooper was a gift from my sister. Ever since cooper came into our family,

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Silky Maltese Corss - Molly

I got my Silky Maltese cross when she was 3 month old. She is now 3 years. I have had 3-4 dogs in my life and Molly was the easiest ever to potty train.

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Tiny Maltese - Bentley

Bentley Bleau is the sweetest & funniest little dog! He is a year old now and weighs approx. 4lbs. He rules our house. We also have a 130lb. American Bulldog

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Papillion Maltese Mix - Bunny

Bunny got her name not only for her oversized ears, but she bounces a lot. Whether she is running or she is dancing on her hinds, she has the most adorable

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Peke-A-Tese - Molly

We bought our Peke-A-Tese in Sept. 2012. We drove 500 miles to get her as we couldn't find a breeder close to us in Atlanta. Her name is Molly and she

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Maltese Lhasa Apso Mix - Oliver

My dog's name is Oliver. He is a Maltese Lhasa Apso mix. The minute I saw his big round eyes with those long lashes, I knew he was going home with me.

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Cavamalt Puppies - Bryce and Courtenay

My fur babies Bryce and Courtenay are a bundles of love. My Cavamalt puppies are gentle and caring, they have a strange fascination with Birds and love

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Dennis - Dog Christmas Costume

Here is my Maltese dressed for CHRISTMAS. Red fur over coat bought from dobbins garden center. Reindeer head dress bought from pound shop. Outcome perfect

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cause he super cute and I LOVE Canada!

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Black Malshi - Onyx

My Mal-Shi is black with white on his chest just like my black onyx ring with a diamond in the middle.

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Whole Paws Dog Treats Review

Find out if Whole Paws dog treats get a good review from a Maltese dog.

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Whole Paws Grain Free Dog Food

New Grain Free Dog Food From Whole Foods

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Maltese Puppies for Adoption

Find the best Maltese puppies for adoption available right now. Adopt an adorable Maltese puppy in your area.

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Using Angels Eyes

I have used Angels Eyes for years (my Teddy is 4 years old) and there is never any staining. I ran out once and the staining showed up again - I make

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White Mauzer - Sony

Sony is a white Mauzer. Hi is 11 years old and very active. Sony likes to play with his stuffed animal hipo. Sony is also an exelent watchdog, who

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Kirby was turned in to a kill shelter. Luckily, someone who places dogs in foster homes saw him and took our Maltese West Highland Terrier mix. One

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I adopted my Maltese Westie mix Shona from the RSPCA when he was four - I was just a little girl at the time and fell in love with him because of his seemingly

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Find a Maltese Dog Rescue

Comprehensive list of various Maltese dog rescue groups with available Maltese for adoption.

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Hello, I'd like to tell you about Moe...his daddy is a Maltese, his mommy is a Papillon. He was born Nov 16, 2011 and I have had him for a week now. Previously

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ViVa Las Vegas Alarcon

Viva is the best dog in the world! She thrives on socks, ties, and chasing the cat. She is extremely intelligent, loves other animals, but is weary of

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Tia Diane

First of all, I was NOT a dog lover. Four out of five people in my office brought their dogs to work and it actually was incredibly annoying to me...

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Lucy was found on the side of the freeway by my neighbour, who luckily stopped and rescued her. She was about 3 months old. My vet is pretty sure she is

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Lillie Bug

Our Maltese Cairn Terrier mix is about 12 weeks, and we LOVE HER! She is sweet and very bossy to her brothers (a 80lb Chocolate lab and a 10lb Silky Terrier)

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Potty Training Kiki

She just come to one of us & paws our knees or sits in front of us & BARKS.....We KNOW!! She does half to go outside often about once every hour of the

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Q-Tip is a 7 month old male Maltese Cocker Spaniel mix. He's affectionate, great awareness of surrounding, and a teaser. Q-tip has been with me since

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She is a beautiful laid back girl, She likes me to hold her and she loves to put her head on my shoulder and go to sleep there. She loves to sleep between

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