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Adorable Maltese Puppies Pictures

View pictures of Maltese puppies and share your own Maltese puppy pictures

Maltese Puppies Pictures Maltese Puppy Pictures Pictures of Maltese Puppies

Do you love to look at Maltese puppies pictures? Well then you've come
to the right place! We have lots of cute puppy pics submitted by Maltese dog lovers like you.

Take a look at all the adorable Maltese puppies pictures and stories, then share one of your own precious pup.

Find out what to expect from Maltese puppies and what their personality is really like. Then decide if a Maltese is the right dog breed for you.

Do you have an adorable Maltese puppy? Upload a picture and tell us more about his/her personality & your puppy could be famous!

Do you have a Maltese puppy?

If so, your little cutie could be famous! Please tell us all about your Maltese puppy (under 1 yr old only please) and we'll put it on our website. What kind of personality does s(he) have? What makes him/her so special? Let other Maltese Maniacs know what to expect from Maltese puppies. Submissions must include at least 200 words of text and a picture to be accepted. Thanks!

Purebred Maltese puppies only please. If you have a Maltese mix puppy, please go to our special Maltese mix page.

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What Other Maltese Puppy Owners Have Said

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Playful Maltese Puppy 
Lola came to our lives when she was only 7 weeks old and her weight was 2 pounds. Cute little Maltese puppy. We start feeding her soft diet and she wasn't …

Male Maltese Puppy 
Ziggy is 10 week old Maltese puppy dog and weighs 1 Lb 4 ozs. She is playful, and intelligent little puppy. She has even worked out how to get in and …

Baby Maltese 
Princess Khloe Skye is my Maltese puppy. She is very social and likes to meet new people. She is okay with me dressing her up almost everyday and we have …

Real Maltese Puppies 
I have been waiting nine years to get a puppy, but my dad is allergic to dogs. Then we found Maltese Terrier puppies. We looked at information on the breed …

Cutest Maltese Puppies 
Kobe is a very cute Maltese puppy. He is 14 weeks old and have had him for 2 weeks now. He is so cute that looking into his eyes just melts your heart! …

Female Maltese Puppy 
My female Maltese puppy Sofi was born in Keaau, HI and originally named Kiwi. She is now 18 weeks old and weighs about 4.8lbs. She is lively, energetic, …

Maltese Puppy Dog 
Our Maltese puppy dog is so special to us because we got him after we had lost my grandson. Not that he took his place but he helped ease our pain a little …

Smart Maltese Puppy 
It's been nearly two months since Floyd the Maltese puppy arrived... and life hasn't been the same! :-) He's the light of my life... LOVES to play with …

Maltese Puppy Dogs 
I love my little 4 month old Maltese puppy. He gets along with all breeds all people and is the cutest little thing! But he got the ticks luckily he is …

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