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Adorable Maltese Puppies Pictures

View pictures of Maltese puppies and share your own Maltese puppy pictures

Maltese Puppies Pictures Maltese Puppy Pictures Pictures of Maltese Puppies

Do you love to look at Maltese puppies pictures? Well then you've come
to the right place! We have lots of cute puppy pics submitted by Maltese dog lovers like you.

Take a look at all the adorable Maltese puppies pictures and stories, then share one of your own precious pup.

Find out what to expect from Maltese puppies and what their personality is really like. Then decide if a Maltese is the right dog breed for you.

Do you have an adorable Maltese puppy? Upload a picture and tell us more about his/her personality & your puppy could be famous!

Do you have a Maltese puppy?

If so, your little cutie could be famous! Please tell us all about your Maltese puppy (under 1 yr old only please) and we'll put it on our website. What kind of personality does s(he) have? What makes him/her so special? Let other Maltese Maniacs know what to expect from Maltese puppies. Submissions must include at least 200 words of text and a picture to be accepted. Thanks!

Purebred Maltese puppies only please. If you have a Maltese mix puppy, please go to our special Maltese mix page.

What Other Maltese Puppy Owners Have Said

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Cooper the Maltese Puppy 
My friends sister found my sweet little angel in a box 2 Years ago. My Maltese puppy looks just like my first sweet Patty girl! She passed a couple of …

Maltese Pup - Rocky 
My Maltese pup Rocky is a very sweet, adorable and so active pal dog, he wakes me up everyday and he loves to be caress. I just love him so much.

Maltese Puppy Dog - Ruby 
My angel Maltese puppy dog is adorable, lovable, and very affectionate. She loves to cuddle, play, and give a lots of kisses. XOXO Ruby

Male Maltese Puppy - Hermes  
This is my new little boy Hermes. My husband took me on a long journey to the other side of the country to find him as he thought that he would help …

Male Maltese Puppy 
My male Maltese puppy is sweet as pie. He likes to get into trouble. But, he is silly and loves to wear clothes. He likes treats, and going on long walks …

Female Maltese Puppy 
My female Maltese puppy is adorable. SO adorable that a picture of her does not do her justice. She is so playful. Wakes up in the morning, pick her …

Real Maltese Puppies 
Icee and Ayoki are teacup Maltese puppies and precious little angels. They never bark which is strange. They are spoiled Maltese diva dogs who love to …

Playful Maltese Puppy 
Marley is a cute, crazy lil' Maltese puppy that loves to play. At only 4 months old, Marley fetches, plays Hide-N-Seek, "high-fives", & does several other …

Baby Maltese 
Abby is my human Maltese! She sleeps, lives, and eats with us! She's our baby! Abby is a very intelligent spoiled baby! She sleeps in between my boyfriend …

Francesca Not rated yet
She's turning 5 months & she's very intelligent, and going through her wild puppy hood. Entire family all love her.

Maltese Pup - Ruby King Not rated yet
Just before Xmas last year we lost or dog Benji. We were devastated. We have started our count down to getting our new Maltese pup Ruby. 3 weeks and 2 …

Cutest Maltese Puppies Not rated yet
Kobe is a very cute Maltese puppy. He is 14 weeks old and have had him for 2 weeks now. He is so cute that looking into his eyes just melts your heart! …

Maltese Puppy Dog Not rated yet
Danger is a one of a kind dog. We got our Maltese puppy dog at a great pet shop in Sarasota, Florida and his parents were both award winning showdogs. …

Maltese Puppy Dogs Not rated yet
Pookie is a female Maltese puppy that I got when she was 6 weeks old. She grew up with 2 cats my roommate has and she loves to play with them. I spoil …

Maltese Bikers Not rated yet
My five Maltese love to ride in our Harley side car. We take them everywhere with us. We have started helping charities raise money by asking people to …

Smart Maltese Puppy Not rated yet
Daisi is a full breed Maltese puppy, in this picture she was 7 months now she is 9 months. She is smart loving and just fun to be around. She really …

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