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Teacup Maltese Puppies

Should you purchase a Maltese teacup?

You've probably read all about the Maltese dog breed and found out that they
are the perfect pet for you and your family.

You may be considering getting teacup Maltese puppies.

They're so small, cute, and loveable; who wouldn't want one of these tiny Maltese dogs?

Maltese tiny teacups may have stolen your heart, but before you make that big decision to purchase one, take a look at the traits of these tiny dogs.

Maltese Teacup Traits

  • Fragile - since teacup Maltese dogs are bred to be tiny, they are also very fragile and can be easily hurt or even killed.
  • Poor Health - common issues with Maltese teacup puppies are crowded teeth, fragile bones, low blood sugar, and weak internal organs.
  • Toy Maltese puppies
  • Difficult to Potty Train - Maltese tiny teacups come with an even tinier bladder. The smaller the dog, the harder they are to potty train.
  • Picky Eater - many Maltese teacups have digestive and breathing problems that make them very sensitive to the food they eat.
  • Expensive - teacup Maltese are usually hundreds of dollars more than an equally cute and healthier standard sized Maltese.

Now that you know more about teacup Maltese dogs you can make an educated decision about purchasing one for yourself.

If you want to be even more informed and find out how to adopt a healthy Maltese puppy, learn more about toy Maltese puppies.

Have you ever had a teacup Maltese dog?

If so, your dog could be famous! Please tell us all about your experiences with Maltese teacup puppies and we'll put it on our website. Have you ever had one or considered getting one? If so, did you have any problems with your Maltese teacup? If you decided not to get one, tell us why. Let other Maltese Maniacs know what to expect from a teacup Maltese.

What Other Teacup Maltese Owners Have Said

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Pixel the Tiny Maltese 
Pixel is 2.0 lbs at 6 yrs old. My tiny Maltese and sweet. I keep her in full coat, which requires weekly baths and almost daily grooming. To keep her from …

Mini Maltese - Trixe 
Trixie is an energetic, playful, sweet, 4.5 pound furbaby!! She is approximately 18 months old. She is so playful that her canine friends can't keep up …

Miniature Toy Dog 
Neige is our little miniature Maltese and he is super playful and cute! We are having trouble pad training him as the post says. He does have to go more …

Maltese Teacup 
I have a teacup Maltese. Lily is very playful and lots of energy. She was 1 lb. 6 oz. when we got her. She is almost 7 months and weight 2 lb. 15 oz. …

Teacup Maltese Problems 
My mom bought one of these teacup Maltese dogs about 7 years ago. She turned out to have numerous ear infections and is now deaf. Can't even hear a dog …

Toy Maltese 
This is my wee man Oscar, he weighs 4.5 - 5 pounds. So I guess he can be considered a teacup tiny toy Maltese. This photo is Oscar sitting in my gym …

No Teacup Maltese Not rated yet
I have to interject here, the Standard for a Maltese is 4-6 pounds 7 pounds acceptable. There is no such thing as a Teacup and any breeder who uses that …

Tiny Maltese - Tara Not rated yet
Tara is the sweetest little, tiny Maltese dog. She is actually so easy to potty train. She stays in her cage without complain. When I bring her out is …

Teacup Maltese Not rated yet
My teacup Maltese loves to dance, but she is a very picky eater. She retrieves her stuffys she is a very good watchdog and she prays. I have not had any …

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