Find Cheap or Free Maltese Puppies

Are you looking for a Maltese puppy, but can't seem to find one that won't break the bank? Believe it or not, you can find cheap or even free Maltese puppies that are adorable and in great health.

Check out the list I've created below of the top tips for finding top quality, cheap Maltese puppies.

Adopt a Maltese Puppy from a Maltese Dog Rescue

Adopt a Maltese puppy

Why Adopt from a Maltese Dog Rescue?

 Adopting a Maltese puppy from a specialized Maltese dog rescue is a great way to find adorable Maltese puppies for less. Maltese dog rescues specialize in saving lost, abused, or unwanted Maltese and finding better homes for them. Although most of the dogs they rescue are older than 1 year, they often have Maltese puppies available, just ask!

Cost of Adopting from Maltese Rescues

Maltese puppies adopted from a Maltese dog rescue are generally between $250-500. This fee usually includes spaying or neutering, current vaccinations, a heartworm test, and grooming.

Find A Maltese Puppy at a Rescue Group

To find the best places to adopt a Maltese puppy in the United States, check out this complete Maltese Dog Rescue list.

Find Maltese Puppies at Your Local Animal Shelter

Cheap Maltese puppies

Why Adopt from a Local Animal Shelter?

Although it may take a bit of patience, another great way to help disadvantaged Maltese dogs and get a good deal is to visit your local animal shelter. If they don't currently have any Maltese puppies, check back often or ask them to contact you as soon as they get one in. It's definitely worth the wait!

Cost of a Maltese Puppy from an Animal Shelter

Maltese puppies for adoption from your local animal shelter usually cost less than getting one from a specialized Maltese dog rescue. Adoption fees are around $25-150. This usually includes a spay/neuter, puppy shots, a vet checkup, and proper grooming.

Find Adorable Maltese Puppies for Adoption from a Shelter

The easiest way to find Maltese puppies this way, is to use this comprehensive search tool to find your local animal shelter.

Consider a Maltese Mix Puppy

Maltese mix puppy

Why Get a Mixed Dog Breed?

If you still can't find a purebred Maltese puppy, consider adopting a Maltese mix puppy. Maltese mixes generally have many of the same characteristics of pure bred Maltese and can sometimes be even healthier. I have both a Maltese and a Maltese Poodle mix and I have to say that my Maltipoo is just as loving and even smarter than my purebred Maltese. With so many unique Maltese mixes to choose from, there's sure to be one that's right for you.

Cost of Maltese Mix Puppies

Adopting Maltese mix puppies can cost anywhere from $25 from a local animal shelter to $500 from a specialized dog rescue. What is included in this fee varies depending on where or who you are adopting from.

Find Out if a Maltese Mix is Right For You

Discover if a Maltese mix is right for you by viewing pictures and seeing what other owners have to say about their Maltese mix dogs.

What NOT to Do When Finding Cheap or Free Maltese Puppies

  • DON'T look for cheap puppies on Craigslist or other free listing sites. They are usually low quality and can come from unreputable breeders.

  • DON'T try to cut a deal with a Maltese dog breeder. If you pay less than their usual fee, the puppy may be the runt of the litter or have significant health problems.

  • DON'T buy the cheapest puppy you can find. They are usually unhealthy and living in horrible conditions in puppy mills. Research, get referrals, and investigate any place you are thinking of purchasing a Maltese puppy from.

Learn More About Maltese Puppies

Learn everything you need to know about Maltese puppies with our Maltese puppy guide.

Did You Adopt a Cheap or Free Maltese Puppy?

If you so, let us know how you did it! Please tell other Maltese Maniacs how you found your Maltese puppy, how much he or she cost, and where you went to adopt your puppy.

How Other People Found Their Maltese Puppies

Click below to see contributions from other people who adopted a cheap or free Maltese puppy...

Cheap Maltese Mix Dog 
Found her on Craigslist. She's 3 1/2 yrs old, and is just a total love bug. During this pandemic time dogs and pups are a very hard commodity. I just …

Private owner on Facebook in my area 
I honestly wanted a poodle to begin with... I searched online for quite awhile. I saw a picture of this blond/white puppy and just fell in love. I didn't …

Did Not Use 
I was looking online for a teacup or micro teacup maltese and came across the site listed above, The cost was 1300.00 marked down to …

Rescue Maltese Mix Puppies 
I was looking thru pet on the chance they might have a small, non-shedding dog in the Tucson area. I found a real little cutie that is probably …

Free Maltese Dog 
Someone moved away and left trash and one small half bald Maltese dog. One of my friends was asked to clean the place up and found him and to our suprise …

Maltese Adoption Online 
We adopted a cheap Maltese puppy mix online 'Coco' via Ebay Classifieds. Her father is Pekingese and her mother is Maltese Yorkie. Everyone who sees her …

Adopt a Maltese Puppy from a Humane Society 
A great way to adopt a Maltese puppy is through your local Humane Society. I check my local website often and found our Maltese mix Winston! We went and …

Laptop Maltese 
We found Yoshi through Kim Lemaire (breeder) is absolutely fabulous. She brought 3 puppies to our house and we got to pick the one …

From a Care Center which was connected to a shelter Not rated yet
I was getting desperate and needed to find another Maltese or Morkie. I saw this horrible picture of this dog that was suppose to be Maltese/Shih Tzu. …

No Pet Shop Puppies - Englewood, NJ Not rated yet
We have looked everywhere for a cheap Maltese puppy. The minute puppies come into a shelter, they are gone in 2 seconds. NYC pet shop prices for puppies …

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