Did Not Use adorableteacups.com

by Fawn
(Venice Florida)

I was looking online for a teacup or micro teacup maltese and came across the site listed above, adorableteacup.com. The cost was 1300.00 marked down to 650.00, it was stated she was the last pup of the litter to be sold. She is 11 weeks. It sort of concerned me with the way the transaction would be handled. The man that I spoke with says that the pup would be sent to me after the monies were sent to him, by using walmart to pay. Usually you as a customer would like the transaction to be guaranteed, they stated that pay pal had security issues and they didnt want to deal with that. Then he was saying that i could send a deposit of 350.00 and that he would send the pup and I would pay him the rest when I got the pup. What guarantee is that for him?

I did not complete the transaction due to the procedure of obtaining a pup from a place in Columbus Ohio which he stated they were. Not to mention a Texas number. In question to you, Have you heard of this breeder, even though he is a small breeder quote unquote from him?

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Sep 28, 2017
scam NEW
by: Ernest Mumford

I had the same problem with a seller from Michigan. I sent funds by Walmart moneygram. about an hour later a lady from walmart called me to inform me that I had been scamed. the name was Duggan , in Michigan. I even contacted him and told him if he would fly the pup down to Myrtle Beach, I would pay for the pup and his round trip flight. he hedged on that one.

Apr 15, 2017
Scammed by adorableteacups NEW
by: Laney

Unfortunately I did try to use adorableteacups.com and got scammed. I wish when I was trying to research I would have found your site. They went so far as to send me a contract and supposedly recent pictures. They said to send the money Western Union and say it was for a relative. They got their money and said they were flying the puppy. A courier sent me a contract asking for $1000.00 more which I did not send. When I told them I was driving to get the puppy, they told me it had been quarantined. They are so bold as to keep their website up. I have since filed criminal charges against the supposed owner. Desmond Taylari, beware of that alias.

Mar 20, 2017
by: Anonymous

I went through the same thing with green land Maltese. DONT USE THEM THEY ARE A SCAM TOO!!! I have come to realize that anyone who will not accept PayPal as a way to pay is a scam. These people are absolutely disgusting!!!

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