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Maltese Puppy Training Product Reviews

Discover the best resources for training a Maltese puppy

So you want to train your Maltese puppy, but don't know where to begin?

Maltese puppies training

I know how frustrating it can be trying to find the right Maltese puppy training program.

That's why I've researched over 10 different programs for Maltese puppies training and come up with the top three puppy training products that work great on Maltese dogs.

These products get wonderful reviews and results from small dog owners, especially Maltese.

Read each detailed Maltese puppy training review below and find the one that's right for you and your Maltese puppy.

Secrets to Dog Training

Most Comprehensive Puppy Training Resource

Most Comprehensive Puppy Training Resource

The Good: This is the most popular dog training program on the internet for the 4th straight year and I can see why. It's really easy to understand and uses a step-by-step approach to solving all kinds of puppy problems. Included in the ebook are consultations with real dog owners including a nipping puppy, chewing, and seperation anxiety which is common problem for Maltese.

The bonus house training ebook is especially helpful since Maltese puppies usually have a hard time with potty training. Along with the ebook, you also get 10 audio files which are very convenient to listen to while in your car or walking your new puppy. To get a taste for what this program is like, I recommend all Maltese puppy owners take advantage of their free 6 day training course.

The Bad: Since this is the most comprehensive Maltese puppy training program available, it is also a little more expensive than others at $39.95, but it's well worth the price.

Who It's For: Maltese puppy owners who are looking for a complete puppy training resource that also includes issues you might encounter as your puppy gets older.

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Dove Cresswell's Puppy and Dog Training Online

Best Multimedia Puppy Training Program

Best Multimedia Puppy Training Program

The Good: If you want to take lessons from a professional Hollywood dog trainer, this course is for you. All lessons are in video format so that you get to hear her voice and see the correct training postures. This is very helpful and can cut training time in half.

My favorite lessons are on puppy housebreaking and crate training; essentials for any new Maltese puppy to learn. Of course there are also lessons on obedience training and good puppy manners, but the most fun lesson is by far the special dog tricks. For only $38.97, this is a great deal. To see what I mean, go ahead and watch a free lesson now.

The Bad: All audio and video lessons are available to view and listen to only on the internet, so you cannot download them to your MP3 player to take with you.

Who's It For: Definitely get this Maltese puppy training program if you are a visual learner as it includes videos along with bonus audio lessons. There is no boring ebook to read.

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Complete DIY Dog Training Program

Best Personalized Email Support and Consultation

Most Personalized Puppy Training Program

The Good: The best thing about this course is the private email consultation. Have a question after reading the ebook? Just send her an email and Sharda will answer you personally. What I also love about this puppy training program is that it has an in-depth section on puppy development stages and socialization, so you will know what to expect from your Maltese puppy from birth right through to maturity. Bonuses include a potty training and barking busters guide, essentials for any Maltese puppy owner. I also really enjoyed the vet health tips audio. It's an interview with a Veterinary Surgeon and he provides some great advice about lots of common problems like dog allergies and emergency care for your puppy.

Another great thing about this course is that the entire ebook has been recorded by a professional speaker so you can download and play the audio files on your MP3 player or computer. At $27.95, it's cheaper than other puppy training programs and yet still provides you with with everything you need to know for understanding and training puppies and adult dogs. I'd recommend this course to all Maltese puppy and Maltese dog owners.

The Bad: Although the audio was recorded by a professional speaker, he has an accent (maybe Australian) which might not appeal to some people.

Who It's For: If you think you'll need extra help, this is great to get because of the free email consultations. It's also very low cost and perfect for Maltese puppy owners on a budget.

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