Is There a Cure for Maltese Eye Stain?

Maltese eye stain or "dog tear staining" is probably the most talked about topic for Maltese owners. Although my Maltese dog Marley doesn't suffer too much from it, many of her friends at our local Maltese Meetup group do. I've read countless articles about this common Maltese problem and wanted to find a way to help other Maltese owners. I decided to condense all of this valuable information on Maltese dogs into an easy-to-read format.

I found out that there are many ways to prevent dog eye stains once you know the exact source of the problem. Finding the cause of your Maltese tear stains is the key to preventing or even curing dog eye stain.

Begin your journey to finding the best solution for your Maltese dog tear staining problem by reading this important article first:
Could Maltese Health Problems Be Causing Dog Eye Stain? >>

What dog tear stain remover worked for your Maltese dog? Tell us about it.

Maltese Eye Stain Causes

  • Health - tear staining can become a problem due to excess tearing, blocked tear ducts, genetics, or simply cutting teeth. 
  • Environment - many dog eye stains are due to the environment causing irritation or allergies. 
  • Food & Water - eye stain can even be a result of the type of food or water you give your Maltese.
  •  Genetics - heredity plays a large role in the amount of tear staining your Maltese dog has.

Maltese Eye Stain Solutions

  • Natural Remedies - try out a few of these remedies to naturally rid your Maltese of tear stains.
  • Topical Treatments - there are many mixtures you can create and apply around your dog's eyes to reduce eye stain. 
  • Antibiotics - although a controversial subject, sometimes antibiotics is the only way to get rid of chronic tear staining.
  •  Other Medications - there are even a few over-the-counter medications you can use to treat dog eye stains.

Suggest Maltese Eye Stain Solutions

Do you know of any other solutions to Maltese eye stain? What has worked for your Maltese? Share your eye stain solutions and experiences with your fellow Maltese Maniacs!

What Other Maltese Maniacs Have Suggested

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Blue Wilderness and Call of the Wild dog food 
No more tear stains. Tried everything in the book. Blue Wilderness and Call of the Wild food mixed together. The dry dog food. Rosebud is now 5 and no …

H20 and Peroxide for Eye Stain 
Safe effective and inexpensive! The cotton pads cost more than the peroxide. BTW, always buy the smallest bottle of peroxide you can find. You also …

H202 - Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Eye Stains 
Plain old hydrogen peroxide ! At $1.38 a bottle, the cotton pads for safe application cost more! Highly effective, absolutely SAFE, easy and super cheap, …

How to Stop Eye Stain on Your Fur Baby 
My little dogs were rescues, I saw on the internet how not using Tap water but Bottled water was a great way to keep impurities out of the dogs diet and …

Diet Stops Dog Tear Stains 
We have 3 Maltese dogs and have found our tear stains were coming from the food they eat (Iams). We have since changed to a food we get from our vet. We …

Remove Tear Staining with Bottled Water 
I give him purified water from a bottle to reduce tear staining. It is less expensive and there are no harmful chemicals. It took about a week to see …

Angel Eyes for Dogs 
My Maltese Pekingese started to get stains after a year old. The food that I gave him was Pedigree for puppies. The water, tap and the bowl, plastic. …

Eye envy Not rated yet
Hi! So my Maltese began to eat our cat’s salmon, and got horrible tear stains. Her Angel Eyes chews and distilled water ( used to keep her tear stain free), …

100% Pure Spring Water (bottled) Not rated yet
Avoid any bottled water that contains "added minerals for enhanced flavor"! We use 100% Pure Spring Water. One gallon ingested over a normal period of …

Angel Eyes (regular formula, not the natural formula) Not rated yet
I give milo .5 tsp each day with peanut butter. really works well. Give it about 2 weeks when you first start the Angel Eyes. Remember to use the regular …

Other Tear Stain Solutions Not rated yet
I have visited your site a couple of times looking for a solution to tear stains. I found the solution and wanted to share it. I live in Charlotte, NC …

Angels Delight for Dog Tear Stain Not rated yet
Angels Delight has no nasty antibiotics - completely natural dog tear stain remover. Works by safely oxidising the iron in your dogs tears before the …

Angels Delight Natural Tear Stain Remover Not rated yet
I've known about the antibiotic OTC tear stain removers for some time but didn't want to use them. I found a natural solution to tear staining that …

Natural Dog Eye Stain Removers Not rated yet
My daughter's Maltese, Baxter, had eye stain problems until they got a mini Australian Shepherd named Bella. Bella is a natural eye stain remover and …

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