Eye envy

by Natalie

Marshmallow after Eye Envy

Marshmallow after Eye Envy

Hi! So my Maltese began to eat our cat’s salmon, and got horrible tear stains. Her Angel Eyes chews and distilled water ( used to keep her tear stain free), were no longer working. 2 months passed, and I was desperate. Thank God for your Maltese Maniac website! I did the overnight mix of peroxide 20, corn starch, milk of magnesia. The next morning, we shaved her. ALL of the stains lifted! Shaving alone was not enough before. This mixture seemed to literally help lift the stain ( like fabric stain removers that you leave overnight). She is so white now! I then ordered Eye Envy, recommended by this site for maintenance. 3 days later (eye envy had not arrived), our dog, Marshmallow, started to get minimal stains. I then began to apply Eye Envy morning and night. She became very white in a few days. The powder absorbs liquid, and she became white as snow in 2 days! I now apply Eye Envy once a day only, and she has NO tear stains. It works! I have not had to use the over night treatment again! She looks beautiful, and I owe it to this site, and the above 2 remedies! It has been about 1 month now, and my dog does not have ANY tear stains!

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