Fun Maltese Dog Surveys

Let us know all about you and your Maltese!

Have fun taking these dog surveys and let us know all about you and your Maltese dog!

If you don't have a Maltese dog yet, you can view the results of each survey and find out if you are choosing the right breed of dog.

Have fun Maltese Maniacs!

Maltese Characteristics

What words best describe your Maltese?

What are your Maltese puppy's most frustrating behaviors?

Maltese Grooming

How often do you bathe your Maltese?

How often do you groom your Maltese?

Maltese Health

Has your Maltese had any health problems?

How much does your adult Maltese weigh?

How much exercise does your Maltese get?

How long did your Maltese live?

Maltese Facts

What type of food does your Maltese usually eat?

Where does your Maltese sleep at night?

How old is your Maltese?

Where did you get your Maltese?

Are you a Maltese Maniac?

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