What Are Maltese Mix Dogs?

All about Maltese cross breed dogs & where to find them

A Maltese mix happens when a Maltese breeds with another purebred dog.

Although Maltese mix dogs will never be able to walk in a show ring, they are still wonderful dogs to adopt if you are a Maltese dog lover and want to save a precious life.

Below is a list of some of the Maltese hybrid dogs that can be found in shelters and rescues. By clicking on each link below you can learn firsthand what other Maltese mix dog owners have to say about their dog's personality. You can also view pictures and videos of Maltese terrier mix dogs.

Please do not purchase these dogs from a breeder. If you discover a Maltese mix that would fit well with your family, you can easily adopt one at a Maltese Dog Rescue instead (and for a lot less money)!

Read what actual Maltese mix owners say about their dogs' personalities.

Maltese Cross Breed Dogs
Maltese Beagle mix
Bichon Maltese
Cairn Terrier mix
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix
Maltese Chihuahua mix
Chinese Crested cross
Cocker Maltese mix
Maltese Coton de Tulear
Dachschund Maltese mix
Maltese Havanese mix
Japanese Chin Maltese mix
Maltese Lhasa mix
Maltese Min Pin mix
Maltese Schnauzer mix
Maltese Papillon dogs
Pekingese Maltese
Maltese Pomeranian
Maltese Poodle mixes
Maltese Pug mix
Maltese Shih Tzu mix
Maltese Silky Terrier mix
Maltese Westie dogs
Maltese Yorkie mix
Maltese mix dogs

If you have a mix that is listed above, please click on that link and tell us about your dog there. If your dog breed mix is not listed above, please enter your story below.

Do you have a Maltese mix?

If so, your dog could be famous! Please tell us all about your Maltese cross breed and we'll put it on our website. What kind of personality does s(he) have? What makes him/her so special? Let other Maltese Maniacs know what to expect from a Maltese mix. Submissions must include at least 200 words of text and a picture to be accepted. Thanks!

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What Other Maltese Mix Owners Have Said

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Maltese Border Collie - Trapper 
Trapper was an oops puppy. His mother a full blood Maltese that had a visit from a Border Collie and they created 3 Mini Border Collies. Trapper is …

Fox Terrier Mix 
Lily is now 3 1/2 and has changed her colouring considerably around the head and chest area where she is now predominantly white rather than grey/black. …

Husky Mix 
It Just Happened No One Knew The Mama Was Pregnant Her Mother Was A 15 Pound Maltese And Daddy Was A 70 Pound Husky Shes 4 Months Now :) Shes Very Sweet …

Rat Terrier Mix 
When I bought my Maltese Rat Terrier mix Bella she was 10 weeks old and weighed 2 lbs. I found her on Craigslist advertised as a toy Poodle (not from a …

Shih Tzu Mix 
My Belle is very playful and frisky! My Maltese Shih-tzu Poodle mix is five months old and I love her terribly! I have a Pitbull also and they get along …

Jack Russell Terrier Mix 
Mr. Stanley is a Maltese Jack Russel Mix and is kind of a dork. He loves to run around and play with the other dongs and has stolen my friends away from …

What Maltese Mix Are They 
I'm not sure what kind of Maltese mix dog I have. Was told he was a Westie. Since then he grew up and only weighs around 8#'s. Has long hair, brown nose, …

Corgi Mix 
My Corgi Maltese mix is such a great dog. He will be 4 on Halloween. He is such a people dog. He sleeps with us and the closer he gets to you the better. …

Maltese Lhasa Yorkie Longhair Chihuahua Mix - Cooper 
Our Maltese Lhasa Yorkie Longhair Chihuahua mix puppy Cooper just turned 4 months old and he is so sweet. He is the second of this Maltese mix that we …

Pomeranian Mix 
We love our Maltipoo Pomeranian mix baby girl . She is exactly as described. Highly intelligent, big personality, clever little thing and so easy to train. …

Maltese Toy Aussie Mix - Charlie 
My Maltese Toy Aussie mix dog looks like a Maltese with Aussie coloring, tan and brown with a white belly. Super playful and extremely smart. We have had …

Pekingese Maltese Poodle Mix - Coco 
My little puppy is a Pekingese Maltese Poodle mix. She is so adorable she looks like a Maltese with curly Poodle fur; he body shape is that of a Pekingese. …

Maltese Chihuahua Dachshund Mix 
My Mal-Chih-Dach, or Maltese Chihuahua Dachshund mix puppy is the light of my life!!! She is so amusing and loving! I love this Maltese mix.

Keeshond Maltese Mix 
Winston is a 2-1/2 year old Keeshound Golden Retriever Maltese mix. I got him from Milo Foundation in San Rafael, California. They rescue dogs slated …

Schipperke Maltese Mix - Kenn 
Our Schipperke Maltese mix Kenny is certainly a character. He’s a little dog with a big dog attitude. His Dad was a Schipperke and his mother, a Maltese. …

Polanese - Spencer 
I'm told that Spencer is a Polanese - Maltese Pomeranian Yorkie mix. He is just one and very playful, loves to go for car rides and would let you massage …

Boston Terrier Mix 
Our baby Jezebel. Is a Maltese x Boston terrier mix. Little to no shed. Easy to maintain. Skull like a Boston terrier without petruding eyes. Coat is longer …

Maltese Terrier Mix 
Our Oreo is Maltese mix but father unknown. My boys and I think, she is Maltese and Terrier mix! When I got our Oreo without asking my husband, I …

Black and White Maltipoo - Daisy Not rated yet
Daisy is playful and always happy black and white Maltipoo! She loves going for walks and playing with other dogs at the dog park. She sleeps with us …

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