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Maltipom - Maltese Pomeranian

AKA: Malti-Pom, Pomanees

Maltipom Maltese Pomeranian Pomeranian Mix

The Maltipom, also called a Pomanees, is a cross between a
Pomeranian and a Maltese.

These hybrid dogs are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and can be registered on their website.

They are one of the most popular Maltese mixes because of their affectionate personality and beautiful coloring.

Read more about the Maltese Pomeranian mix below to see if this is the right Maltese mix for you.

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These dogs take on the temperament of both Pomeranians and Maltese. They are amusing, clever little dogs.

They are also highly intelligent and easy to train. You should socialize and train your dog to combat barking and boredom. They are sometimes reserved with strangers and can serve as a good watchdog.

This dog does best with older, considerate children as they can be high-strung and timid. Most people find them to have a people pleasing and carefree personality.

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If you like a wide variety of colors, than this dog might be right for you! Pomeranians come in many colors such as apricot, cream, black, white, and brown. When you mix this with a white Maltese, you get varying shades and patches of color. With so much variety, you'll be sure to find a color and style that suits you.

Hair is usually straight and grows continuously like human hair. Therefore, they need consistant grooming by either brushing regularly or keeping a short puppy cut.

They are also nonshedding and most are hypoallergenic. Fully grown, Maltese Pomeranian mixes average 6-9 lbs, about the same size as a purebred Maltese.

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What Other Maltipom Owners Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other Maltipom owners...

White Maltipom 
My male Maltese Pomeranian, Jude, originally named after my favorite Beatles song Hey Jude best decribes my Maltipom. Jude is 9 weeks old, his mother …

Maltese Pomeranian 
Eevee is my little fur-baby. My Maltese Pomeranian mix is a little love bug who enjoys sitting on mommy's lap and going into her toy chest to pick her …

Male Maltipom 
Dior is my amazing Pomeranian Maltese mix. He's full on energy and he love to have fun he's my little watch dog and with a face like his it's hard to say …

Female Maltipom 
Our Maltipom is 3yrs old and is all love and energy From day 1 she captured our hearts shes a true friend indeed she is finicky on some foods loves chicken …

Maltipom Puppy 
My Malti-pom puppy Jayz is 7 years old I got him a close friend that mate dogs. He is a very loving dog and watch dog. Jayz personality to me is very strange …

Rescued Maltipom 
Leyla was a Maltipom rescue at 5 months from the Oregon Coast. I was told she would not get to 6 pounds, Though I am glad she now weighs 6 pounds and …

Maltese Pomeranian Mix 
I named my Pomeranian Maltese mix dog the Spanish word for "sparky". She is an adorable, good natured dog and loves to play. She is very intelligent, and …

Maltese Pomeranian Puppy 
Bella is the best little Maltese Pomeranian puppy and I am very lucky to have her in my life! She is 6 months old and weighs about 5 pounds. She is so …

Pablo is an inquisitive snuggle bug! My Maltipom is easily the most versatile pocket pooch that anyone could ask for he loves to go running and swimming …

Our Maltipom dog is the most wonderful pet and so good with little children. Easy going dog and just beautiful. Our Maltese Pomeranian mix is a delight …

Pomeranian Mix 
I absolutely adore my Maltese Pomeranian mix Max. He is the sweetest, most loving dog I have ever had. He makes me laugh with his little antics, loves …

Malti-pom Puppies 
Coral is 11 weeks old and simply the most precious of all Malti-pom puppies! She is very playful and has a great personality. Your website is correct, …

Maltipom Puppies 
Gizmo is the light of my life and is one of the cutest Maltipom puppies ever! She was born May 22 2009 at 7 am in the morning. It is now currently October …

Black and White Maltipom 
Mia is a Maltipom (Maltese Pom mix). She is rare because she's all black. She has short hair and doesn't shed. However, she resebles more of the Pom breed …

Maltese Pomeranian Mix Puppy 
My Maltipom puppy is the most loving, playful, friendly and funny dog I have ever come across. Remy is the first puppy I have owned as an adult and even …

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