Mauxie - Maltese Dachshund Mix

AKA: The Moxie Dog

The Maltese Dachshund mix, also called a Mauxie or Moxie dog, is a cross between a Dachshund and a Maltese.

They are a unique, little Maltese dog breed mix that comes in all shapes and sizes and is rare to find.

Please do not purchase these dogs from a breeder. There is no need to create more mutts when plenty are available for adoption. If you discover a Maltese mix that would fit well with your family, you can easily adopt one at a Maltese Dog Rescue instead (and for a lot less money)!

Mauxie Personality

These dogs take on the temperament of both Dachshunds and Maltese. They are lively, affectionate, and bold little dogs.

  • Curious and mischievous
  • Difficult to train
  • Compulsive barker
  • Likes to dig
  • Great travel dogs
  • Good watchdogs

These dogs do best with older, considerate children as they are moderately protective and sometimes quick to bite. Most people find them to have a willful and clownish personality.

Cool Maltese Doxie Gifts

If you already have a Maltese Doxie mix or know someone that does, check out these unique gifts for Maltese Dachshund mix dog lovers below.

Dachshund Maltese Mix Dogs Appearance

If you like a wide variety of colors and a unique shape, than this Maltese mix might be right for you!

Dachshunds may be solid-colored tan or yellow or bi-colored deep black, brown, or gray with areas of bright chestnut. There are also piebald, speckle-streaked, or harlequin varieties.

When you mix this with a white Maltese, you get varying shades and patches of color. You might say that they are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

Hair is usually straight and long. Therefore, they need daily combing and brushings. Some will shed, while others will not. Since Dachshunds come in many sizes (Toy, Miniature, and Normal), full grown Dachshund Maltese mixes can weigh anywhere from 6-15lbs.

Do you have a Mauxie?

If so, your Maltese mix could be famous! Please tell us all about your dog and we'll put it on our website. What kind of personality does s(he) have? What makes him/her so special? Let other Maltese Maniacs know what to expect from a Mauxie. Submissions must include at least 200 words of text and a picture to be accepted. Thanks!

What Other Mauxie Owners Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other Mauxie owners...

Remi is our 6 month old Mauxie. She is the belle of our ball and the princess in our house. She has an older brother Westie named Charlie and she loves …

Dachshunds Maltese dog - Tiberius  
This is my baby boo, Tiberius! Dachshunds and Maltese dogs are rarely crossbred, so I’d never seen, or heard of a Mauxie, til I bought him from a pet store …

Dachshund Maltese - Tiberius  
This is my baby boo, Tiberius! Dachshunds and Maltese dogs are rarely crossbred, so I’d never seen, or heard of a Mauxie, til I bought him from a pet store …

Poppy is a wonderful little girl. She is 2 years old and loves to cuddle on the couch. She enjoys playing fetch and swimming in the pool. Poppy is …

Maltese Doxie - Marley  
My Maltese Doxie mix is so playful but will bark at any noise even someone coming downstairs as if he doesn't know who is in the house. Very protective …

Maltese Miniature Dachshund Cross 
Dora is a 7 month old Maltese Miniature Dachshund cross (04-15-08) and is about 7-8 lbs. Her mom was a Maltese and her dad was a miniature Dachshund. Since …

Doxie Mix 
I just got our Maltese Doxie mix Bailey. He is 9weeks and is precious. He is so smart for his age. He follows me when I call him, he is super affectionate …

Dachschund Maltese Mix 
My Dachschund Maltese mix dogs are 4 mths old. Born 22/12/09 mother is a long haired black and tan Mini Dachshund and father Maltese. Carrie is the …

Maltese Dachshund Mix 
She is a 7 month old lively Maltese Dachshund mix puppy. She has a sweet temperament but takes a little bit of time warming up to strangers.

Black Mauxie 
Zartan, our black Mauxie, was born on Feb. 23, 2007 and came to our family in May of 2007. We got him from a woman in Shoreline. He is the best edition …

Mauxie Puppies 
My Mcha is almost 9 weeks and one of the cutest Mauxie puppies ever. She weighs 3.2lbs and growing very fast. She was the runt of the litter and I feel …

Dachshund Mix 
My Maltese Dachshund mix Callie was born 4/24/08. She is the best thing that has ever happened to us. My husband said he has NEVER gotten attached to …

Scrub is a 6 month old Mauxie. He is the sweetest dog I've ever owned! He has such a calm temperament and a sweet personality. He is not loud and is very …

Doxie Maltese Mix - Frankie Not rated yet
Frankie came to me on Christmas 2020. He was 8 weeks old. My Doxie Maltese mix was so very tiny and adorable. Since then he has stolen very many hearts. …

Moose the Maltese Dachshund Not rated yet
This little Maltese Dachshund pup, at 1 wk old, was discarded along with his litter. Whole office cared for & paid for the whole litter-vet, daily/nightly …

Pepper - Mauxie Not rated yet
Pepper is a 4 month old beautiful little girl weighing in at 5lbs. She is incredibly intelligent but pretends/prefers us hoomans don’t recognize that quality. …

Male Mauxie Not rated yet
My male Mauxie Benji is a ball of fire. I have never had a dog that is so happy all the time. Benji lights up the room anytime he walks in. He is a very …

Mauxie Puppy Not rated yet
My Mauxie puppy is hyper and so affectionate! He is crazy attached to me and freaks out whenever I leave his sight for a moment. He is very protective …

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