Maltese Beagle Mix Dogs

AKA: The Malteagle

Maltese Beagle mix dogs, also called a Malteagle, are a cross between a Beagle and a Maltese.

They are a fairly rare Maltese mix that is hard to find, but makes a great dog.

According to Maltese Beagle mix dog owners, these dogs are very intelligent and are great at tracking scents. Read more about this Maltese mix below.

Please do not purchase these dogs from a breeder. There is no need to create more mutts when plenty are available for adoption. If you discover a Maltese mix that would fit well with your family, you can easily adopt one at a Maltese Dog Rescue instead (and for a lot less money)!

Malteagle Personality

These dogs take on the temperament of both Beagles and Maltese. They are gentle and curious little dogs.

  • Very intelligent
  • Requires firm and patient training
  • Great at following their nose and tracking scents
  • Needs to keep active 
  • Loves brain games and exercise

Maltese Beagle mix dogs do wonderful with children and other dogs, but due to their hunting instincts, it is best not to leave them alone with other small animals. Most people find Maltese Beagle puppies to have a sociable and loving personality.

Cool Maltese Beagle Mix Dogs Gifts

If you already have a Maltese Beagle cross or know someone that does, check out these unique gifts for Beagle Maltese mix dog lovers below.

Malteagle Appearance

If you like cute floppy ears and a variety of colors, than this Maltese mix might be right for you! Most Malteagles will have the characteristic brown and black Beagle markings, but some are tan or white.

Hair is usually short and smooth. Therefore, they need daily combing and brushing. Some Maltese Beagle dogs are non-shedding while others will shed a small amount.

Beagles are usually twice as big as Maltese so full grown Maltese Beagle mixes can weigh anywhere from 12-22lbs.

Learn More About Beagle Mix Dogs

Do you have a Malteagle?

If so, your Maltese mix could be famous! Please tell us all about your dog and we'll put it on our website. What kind of personality does s(he) have? What makes him/her so special? Let other Maltese Maniacs know what to expect from a Malteagle. Submissions must include at least 200 words of text and a picture to be accepted. Thanks!

What Other Malteagle Owners Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other Malteagle dog owners...

Oliver & Thea Beagle Maltese Mix 
Our sweet Oliver was originally the dog we had pick out he was born on June 7,2015 we pick him up on July 25,2015 was a quite puppy hardly ever bark slept …

Scout is 8 months old, very high energy, and is super cuddly and sweet. She is a Maltese Beagle mix has a personality I've never seen in a dog, she's super …

Suprise DNA Test - Milo  
Milo was born March 27, 2015. His mom; so I was told by the breeder; were a Morky and his dad; were also a Morky. So; After the pups were born- …

Missing Chance 
Chance was my daughters beloved dog and we miss him so much. She was told he was a Maltese Beagle Shitzu mix. He was hit by a car chasing a rabbit about …

Beagle Mix 
Our Maltese Beagle mix Woody has been with us about a week now. He was in a local animal shelter, being fostered out of a ladies home. His mom is a Maltese …

Beagle Mix Dogs 
My Maltese Beagle mix dog is very energetic, happy, lovable and loyal. Has a bark that ends in kind of a howl. He can dance for a treat and when I get …

Beagle Mix Puppy 
My Beagle mix puppy is a 5 month old beauty! I think she is part Maltese. I know for sure she is party Beagle... Tiny, with a great big personality!!!!!!!! …

Maltese Beagle Mix 
Lexi is my 9 month old mini beagle/maltese cross. I brought her home when she was 11 weeks old. I ran across the breeder's advertisement in the newspaper …

I am a first time pet owner to my 13 weeks old puppy, Einstein. He is a Maltese Beagle mix. We brought him home when he was 11.5 weeks old and just …

Jezebel  Not rated yet
Jezebel is very funny and seems to like doing joke faces and making people laugh. She loves travel and goes with me everywhere. She is 5. She can be very …

Chloe Malteagle Not rated yet
She is loyal protective and sweet. She gets alone with other dogs and cats. She has a matural mo Instinct but was never bred. She eats alot and id 25 …

Masey Not rated yet
Masey was born on the 25th May 2014. She is a very playful, loving puppy. She is a very bright puppy & a fast learner, although she is not treat driven …

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