by Nadia
(Cleethorpes, UK)

Peggy-sue is highly sociable with humans and loves attention. She is eager to greet anyone who comes to our home and will happily lay on her back to receive tummy rubs.

She isn't a nosey dog and only barks to alert me of any strange activity or the presence of other animals in the garden.

Peggy-sue is very affectionate, she is by my side constantly but surprisingly doesn't have too much separation anxiety as long as she isn't left alone.
She is well behaved most of the time but sometimes displays stubbornness.

She is a very clever dog and easily learns commands and highly observant.

Peggy-sue has displayed problems when being introduced to other dogs as she is very shy and anxious. She becomes submissive easily even in her own territory and must only be in the company of other small, well behaved dogs as she wouldn't be able to fight off other dogs.

She has proven to be a picky eater and prefers fresh, whole foods as opposed to tins or biscuits.

She absolutely loves to go to the beach and is highly active, she needs at least an hour a day outside to burn off excess energy otherwise she is prone to boredom and naughty behavior.
She does enjoy chewing although she has not destroyed much in the house unlike other puppies as long as she has plenty of toys and attention.
Her toilet training took a matter of weeks and was fully trained at 3 months.

Peggy-sue continues to impress me every day and has huge character for such a small dog.

She is fantastic with children and other animals.

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