Maltese Corgi Mix - Riley

by Rickilee
(Campbellford, Ontario, Canada)



Riley is a 10 week old Maltese Corgi mix. His mother is Corgi and his father is Maltese. He is just a joy, very smart and loves everyone and everything. He was the smallest of the litter and the cutest of the bunch too! He loves to snuggle with our 6 week old kitten.

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Jul 26, 2016
Question NEW
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if the ears are down on the puppy if they eventually stand up like the Corgi or do they have potential to flap down like the Maltese?

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Corgi Maltese Mix - Corky

by Lisa G
(Vincentown, NJ)

My Corgi Maltese mix is such a great dog. He will be 4 on Halloween. He is such a people dog. He sleeps with us and the closer he gets to you the better. He will lay down where ever you are. He goes out to the barn with us and when we take our horses out on the track he will go the first couple laps with us then he will lay at the gate and wait for us to come off the track. He loves to play with anything he can find, just loves to play. He is almost human like. He has human eyes and he looks at you like he understands every word you say. My Corgi Maltese mix is VERY smart, very easy to house break and train. I can't find any more Corgi/Maltese breeds. If any one out there has one I would love to hear about him or her. I LOVE my CORKY.

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Apr 19, 2016
Love my Dog NEW
by: Laurie C.

I have a corgi-maltese that we bought for our daughter in 2003. i paid 275.00 for him his name is "Shaggy" aptly named because his hair is long and shaggy looking but very coarse and thick he has the tan and white coloring. He has this little group of hair in the center of his forehead that curls out . Shaggy is very lovable and he follows my husband everywhere in the house. when he wants to go out to the bathroom he will jump up at me and talk(growl)to me. i will ask him if he wants to go out to potty and he will run to the door and then back to me dancing around. he is so smart and fearless. i had a husky/wolf that he did not get along with at all..he would jump at Thors' face and swing from his face. I truly love him ,,the only time he wants me is when he has to go out to the bathroom at night.

Nov 17, 2014
Lovely Corky maltese
by: Thereza

I have 2 females corky maltese and they are the most adorable dogs I have ever seem. They are mother and daughter. The mother is a mix of Corky and maltes and she breed with a pure maltes male and their daughter is the cutest dog ever. I could have dozen of corky maltes mix.

Oct 22, 2014
Corgi - Maltese mix price
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am getting ready to adopt a Corgi-Maltese mix from a woman I found through Craigslist. She is asking $750 for him. He's 6 months old, has his shots & has had training. I am meeting him this weekend but I'm wondering if this is a good price to pay or if I'm being robbed. So far I'm in love with this little guy and would love to bring him home, but I'm wondering if that's a fair price. Can anyone offer me any insight please?

Oct 17, 2014
My 'Buddy'
by: Janet

We are so fortunate to have one given by our neighbour whose corgi gave birth to 6 puppies. Buddy is the only boy is very timid by nature and afraid of anything that moves haha. He doesn't mix with other dogs and often got into fights. But he is such a sweet n loving dog towards us. We are his only world :)

Oct 30, 2013
Where to Get?
by: Anonymous

Would somebody please advise me on where I can get a corgi-maltese mix? I've had corgis my whole life (4 so far....), but my new wife is allergic and we need a hypoallergenic dog. The corgi-maltese mix is our favorite so far!

Jan 20, 2013
by: Anonymous

Im condidering getting a cortese. Can anyone tell me there full grown size? I saw the most adorable puppy with the sweetest personality!

Apr 29, 2012
Chuy is our corgi maltese!
by: Emilie

We got our Maltese Corgi mix Chuy in '08. It was the first we'd heard of this type mix. I swear he is one of the cutest dogs we've ever seen. Not only by his looks, but his sweet gentle personality. He is a people person who loves to play and play. Any time we bring him up in conversation to anyone whose ever met him they always says "Awww Chuy" because of the impression he leaves on everyone. We too would LOVE to have another one but unfortunately his blood line was killed by a car:'(
If anyone knows where we could get another one, we'd love to hear about it!

Sep 30, 2011
Our new Puppy is a Maltese Corgi
by: Elise

We just got a new maltese corgi. His name is Banjo and we cant find any other ones either. He is only 8 weeks old and loves to chew on every thing. Our corgi is very smart and we are still working on the house training. He likes to lay down in the middle of our walks and sits there until we literately have to pick him up and carry him. If any one else has a maltese corgi please tell me!

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