Nessie Maltese - Scottish Collie

by William Casey
(Belgium )

Nessie is a mix between a Maltese and a Scottish collie, she is one of 7 pups born in the litter. The father is a big, well built Scottish collie and the mother of 7 is a small Maltese. Although Nessie and all other 6 pups are white with the typical Maltese tail curled over her back the build of the dog is very much like a Collie. She is about 3 times the size of a Maltese. And had very long, thick hair that doesn't shed much. I have added a photo of when she had long hair, but this was impossible to keep as it tangled almost instantly, even with daily grooming. Now she has short hair, about 1 inch long, very soft and easy to maintain.

She has a very gentle personality, always stays close to us. She is extremely intelligent and can be thought anything with ease. A great agility dog and house trained is such a way, that despite having a large garden, she only goes to the toilet on a 3foot X 3foot patch of imitation grass, keeping the rest of the lawn in good health.

She does not like to be on her own and is now a very happy dog since we've adopted a second puppy, a now 7 month old Lhasa Apso. The two dogs have very different personalities and intelligence level, but they are the best of friends. Nessie in now 1 year and a half. Although a very strange mix in breeds she is the best dog anybody could wish for. Intelligent, loyal, a practical size, clean and very good looking.

We often get stopped in the street by people wanting to know what breed dog she is. Her name, Nessie obviously comes from Loch Ness monster, as the dad is a Scottish collie and she is a mix, but only her name has a reverse to a monster, other than that she is a superb animal and will be very had to replace if ever the day comes that we have to say goodbye. Luckily that day is still a long way away as she is in great health.

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