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Maltese Westie Dogs - Highland Maltie

AKA: West Highland White Terrier Hybrid

Maltese Westie Dogs Highland Maltie Westie Mix

Maltese Westie dogs, also called the Highland Maltie, are a cross between a
Maltese and a West Highland Terrier.

These hybrid dogs are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and can be registered on their website.

It is rare to find this unique Maltese dog breed mix, but they are growing in popularity due to their lively personality.

Read more about the Highland Maltie below to see if this is the right Maltese mix for you.

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These dogs take on the temperament of both Westies and Maltese. They are lively, friendly, and very self-assured.

Most are very intelligent, which makes them to train. These dogs are spunky and they need at least one daily walk. This will combat behavior problems such as compulsive digging, as most terriers love this activity.

They are great travel dogs and make an excellent watchdog. Maltese Westie puppies and dogs get along with most strangers, children, and other dogs. Most people find them to have a lively and robust personality.

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Since both the West Highland Terrier and the Maltese are white, this hybrid dog is also always white. Their straight coat may be rough and they may also have an undercoat like most West Highland terriers have.

Their hair grows continuously like human hair. Therefore, they need consistant grooming by either brushing regularly or keeping a short puppy cut.

These dogs are also nonshedding and most are hypoallergenic. Full grown Highland Malties can weigh anywhere from 11-16lbs.

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Lola is a spunky 2 1/2 year old Westie Maltese mixed breed sweetie. She sleeps flat on her back with arms and kegs sticking straight out. Her best friend …

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Daisy is the most energetic and bubbly dog I have ever come across. She knows she is beautiful as she trots as if she knows everyone is looking at her! …

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I adopted my Maltese Westie mix Shona from the RSPCA when he was four - I was just a little girl at the time and fell in love with him because of his seemingly …

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Madison is now seven years old. My Maltese Westie mix is my baby girl and my best buddy. She has been with me through buying a house, marriage and having …

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She is the cutest little thing! Our Highland Maltie loves to play. She plays a lot and she very energetic. She is also very protective of me and my family. …

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My Maltese Westie mix Roxy is such a smart dog. She was very easy to train. My grandma always says that Roxy thinks she is a person and I agree. She goes …

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Nancy Regan is a doll... she has a sweet disposition with a spunky attitude like alot of Maltese Westie puppies. She is extremely close to me and …

Highland Maltie 
My Highland Maltie is beautiful, fluffy and incredibly well behaved. The only thing I found difficult was the housetraining. She is my shadow and follows …

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