LuLu - Maltese Jack Russel Mix

by Candi
(Enid Ok)

Lady Bug

Lady Bug

She is a huge mamma's girl hates having to stay home alone has an attitude that makes me smile non stop goofy funny full of energy she was a rescue dumped at 4 weeks old and we rescued the most amazing girl in the world. Her official name is Lucinda Louse Johnson but we call her Luci LuLu and her favorite nick name is Lady Bug, when we say that she starts wiggling all over the place lol.

She love's to go for rides in the car and goes almost everywhere with her mommy and daddy she cries if daddy has been off for vacation and has to go back to work she will sit by the door all day the first day back to work then she is better when she knows he will be coming back. She has energy like you wouldn't believe and runs like crazy every time she is awake lol she love's to sleep also. She does what she wants when she wants lol she is our baby and she knows it!! Lady Bug love's to dress up and always wants to get dressed before going to see her granny's she love's bigger dogs mainly because they are a challenge to play with she is extraordinarily fast when she runs and most small dogs can't keep up with her.

She started learning to do tricks at 6 weeks old and the easiest pup I've ever potty trained got down perfect in three days we lived in apt when we first got her and my husband and I worked for 8-12 hours a day she has had a total of maybe 10 accidents ever she will be two on the 14th of Feb her dr said due to her teeth progression that that is about the day she would have been born so that is her bday lol

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