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Pekingese Maltese Mix - Pek-A-Tese

AKA: Maltese Pekingese Hybrid

Pekingese Maltese Pekatese Pekingese Mix

The Pekingese Maltese mix, also called a Pek-A-Tese, is a cross
between a Pekingese and a Maltese.

These hybrid dogs are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and can be registered on their website.

They are one of the relatively unknown Maltese mixes, but are becoming more popular because of their loyalty and courageousness.

Read more about the Pek-A-Tese below to see if this is the right Maltese mix for you.

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These dogs take on the temperament of both Pekingese and Maltese. They are loyal and protective little dogs.

Some are very opinionated; which may make them difficult to train. You may also find them difficult to housebreak, as with any smaller dog.

They are great dogs for apartment life, as they usually aren't that active indoors. These dogs do fine with children and other dogs as long as they are properly socialized when they are puppies. Most people find them to have a courageous and affectionate personality.

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This Maltese mix can come in a wide variety of colors, but are usually gold and white or black and white. Some are even pure white.

Hair is usually thick, long and straight. Therefore, they need daily combing and brushings. Some shed lightly, while others do not shed at all and are hypoallergenic dogs.

Full grown Pek-A-Tese can weigh anywhere from 7-12lbs, which is a few pounds heavier than a purebred Maltese.

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What Other Pek-A-Tese Owners Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other Pek-A-Tese dog owners...

Pekatese - Daisy Mae  
Daisy Mae is a very love able 3 year old Pekatese. When we got her she was 2 months old and weighed 4 lbs. today, she is 12 lbs and very healthy. She …

Pekingese Mix 
I got my Maltese Pekingese mix for me and she's in Love with my Husband. She Loves her time alone and no matter how many beds I buy her or make her she …

Maltese Pekingese Puppies 
My Pek a tese is very lazy and lovable she loves to play with other dogs. She thinks she is bigger than them when she's not. My Maltese Pekingese puppy …

Maltese Pekingnese Mix 
My Maltese Pekingnese mix Pipsqueek was bottle fed when he was two weeks old. His mother was accidentally strangled on a vine on our fence on Christmas …

Maltese Mix Pekingese - Hookie-Lau 
My family and I brought our Maltese mix Pekingese Hookie-Lau home about a year ago, at the time he was 5 months old. He was living in a large gated area …

Pekingese Maltese 
My Pekingese Maltese dog, Sarah, is a very curious or nosy,always wanting to eat things like crayons, pencils, anything small. As she's gotten older,she's …

Maltese Pekingese 
This is so hard to write, but I want to submit an update on our sweet little Maltese Pekingese mix, Mickey. He passed away here at home Feb. 22, 2011. …

Maltese Pekingese Puppy 
Mylo is this caring sweet Maltese Pekingese puppy, she loves learning tricks, she is really fast and loves people, she always kisses people whenever she …

Maltese Pekingese Mix 
Mickey our Maltese Pekingese mix had his 14th birthday Sept. 20, 2010. As I have said before he has a heart murmur and gets out of breath easily. That …

Our Peke-a-tese is so great that EVERYONE wants her... or one just like her. She is now my mother's "Grandpuppy" and is commonly called "Ragdoll Dog" (like …

Pekingnese Maltese Dogs - Roxanne & Beautiful 
I two Pekingnese Maltese dogs. Roxanne is what u call the baby of the two she loves to be held, and pampered. She tends to get jealous when you give the …

Playful Peke-A-Tese - Caine 
My Peke-a-Tese is a smart playful and a monster. His mom was a Maltese and his dad was a Peke-A-Tese. He was really easy to potty train and is a quick …

Pekingese Maltese Cross - Zoie Not rated yet
I have had several dogs in my life but Zoie is at the top of my list. She, is smart, loyal and a laugh a minute. She just loves everyone and everyone loves …

Peke-A-Tese - Molly Not rated yet
We bought our Peke-A-Tese in Sept. 2012. We drove 500 miles to get her as we couldn't find a breeder close to us in Atlanta. Her name is Molly and she …

Baby Pek-A-Tese - Skipp Not rated yet
My baby Pek-A-Tese, Skipp, has the heart five times bigger than him!! He plays with our 3 year old boxer as if he weighs 60 pounds, pounces on our cats …

Pekatese Puppy - Howie Not rated yet
My little Pekatese puppy is a riot! He is not vocal unless there is a knock on the door. (For the first time today, he actually barked at the knocking …

Peke-a-tese - Baby Not rated yet
Looking through all these paragraphs about their Peke-a-tese's I feel so alike! Peke-a-tese's are truly lovely and one of a kind. Baby is the best. When …

Maltese Pekingese Mix - Gizzie Not rated yet
My Maltese Pekingese mix is one yr old and absolutely one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned. I found him while searching for a Pekingese puppy. I …

Pekatese Puppy - Handsome Harry Not rated yet
This is our Pekatese puppy Harry. My 5yr old grandson and I came home with him. It was the best thing I have ever done. This is first day at home picture. …

Female Maltese Pekingese Mix Not rated yet
Lacey was born to a female Maltese and a male Pekingese. The mother was very energetic, courageous, loud and very protective. Her father was the complete …

Peke-a-tese - Cinnamon Not rated yet
We love our Peke-a-tese named Cinnamon and she just loves everyone especially children. She is almost a year old now is very lovable and loves to give …

Pekingese Mix with Maltese - Scooter Not rated yet
Her name is Scooter. My Pekingese mix with Maltese is very brave and very protective. Makes a good guard dog. She is playful with people and never bites …

Pekatese Not rated yet
My Pekatese is the most beautiful dog I have ever had. She has her own personality and are very playful. Cloe love playing with friends and need a lot …

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