Pek-A-Tese - NELLY

by Mabel Masangkay
(Gumi, South Korea)

Nelly @ 3 months old

Nelly @ 3 months old

Name and Breed: NELLY the Pek-A-Tese
Date of Birth: January 2, 2009
Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand

My Pek-A-Tese is very sweet, loving and playful dog. She's also great with my children. She's smart too but what amazes me most with her small size she eats like a big dog.

Having Nelly in my life is unintentional. It was Valentine's Day 2009 when I went out with my children just to check out a Pomeranian at the weekend market then I came across this cute little puppy... it was a love at first sight. I really don't want to own a puppy that time or in the near future because of my allergies and asthma but I just can't resist her charm without second thoughts I bought her.

The seller told me that she's a pure-breed Maltese with her age and size that time, I really can't see if she's a real Maltese and with the seller's assurance and papers I believe her but after a few weeks her features changed so I've decided to consult two veterinarians about her breed, they told me that the seller cheated me about her breed and that she is a Pek-A-Tese or Maltese Pekingese mix.

Am I disappointed? NO, I'M NOT because I just simply love her and no matter what kind of breed she got, I don't care because we've already got a connection even one of my acquaintance wants to buy her from me and they will triple the amount that I bought her but I refused because there's no amount of money can replace Nelly in my life. :)

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Jun 10, 2009
So cute
by: Arnel

It seems that Nelly is so precious and lovable. I am sure that she is loyal and loving. I hope I can have a puppy just like her such a cutie :-)

Jun 08, 2009
by: Rose Marie

Congratulations Mabel,

Nelly is precious.I'm sure that she will bring you as much joy as her little heart can give.

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Peke-a-tese - Pika

by Lisa Seliskar
(Lakeville, MN USA)

Pika, 3.5 years old

Pika, 3.5 years old

Our Peke-a-tese is so great that EVERYONE wants her... or one just like her. She is now my mother's "Grandpuppy" and is commonly called "Ragdoll Dog" (like the cat). She regularly just falls asleep and is relaxed and limp in just about any situation or position... even hanging from your hands. She is the most trusting dog, even to SMALL children! The only time we ever saw any aggression in her even once was when we gave her a REAL meat bone, and then tried to take it away from her because it was so messy. She gets along with our cats & even cuddles with them, even though the cats came a few years after Pika did. When we got her she came already potty trained... she was trained with wood shavings!

We bought her from a breeder who only had 2 litters of Peke-a-tese. We had to be on a waiting list for 6+ months and then had to drive 4 hours to get her. Her mother was a fawn & black purebred Pekingese and her father was a purebred Maltese. Pika is completely white with light cream spots here & there. Her litter mates were all white & cream as well. She is currently 4.5 years old and weighs just under 10 lbs. Her hair/fur is an even mix of Peke & Maltese... silky & straight on her head, ears, tail & underside & chest, and wavy with some wiry hairs along her back & sides. We keep her in a shaggy 'do and brush and comb her often. Her face can best be described as an even mix of Peke & Maltese as well. Her nose is not too long, not too short... although she does grunt & snore a little. She has big beautiful brown eyes. She does have a slight underbite and one crooked tooth, but it just adds to her character. You only see her teeth about 50% of the time, and even then only 3 show. She does have runny eyes at times, but we keep the tear stain areas trimmed. We did have extra eyelashes removed by our vet as well. Aside from tooth & eye problems she is a very healthy dog. She doesn't get an upset stomach if she eats something she's not supposed to, and LOVES to ride in the car (without getting sick). She is all muscle and very sturdy! She is longer than she is tall, but not by much. Her back is "flat" like a Peke's, and she has the feathery Peke feet. She does not waddle like a Pekingese at all, though and is quite fast.

We just love her to pieces & everyone who's ever met her says there will never be another Pika!!! I've tried to find another... one for me & one for my mother, but to no avail. My mother kept pedigreed Bichons all her life, and just lost one a couple months ago, and now is looking for a Peke-a-tese just like Pika. I joke and say that if we could afford it, we should have her cloned so that there WILL be another Pika. I wish more people would mix these two breeds, because in my opinion they are the cutest & sweetest dogs around! Of course, that could all be due to her upbringing I suppose.

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Jan 11, 2015
Food for Peke-a-tese NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello it is Lucky she is 1 year old
She is picky eater please help, thank you!

Jan 03, 2011
I love it!
by: emma.

i am reading this text
and smiling.
i like Pika very much
and hope my peke-a-tese
will be that good.
my peke-a-tese, Una
is 5 months old and she loves
to drive in a car
and shows agression only
when we want to take her
her bone away.
but other time she's good.
i want to ask you
how tall is Pika?
a women who gave us
Una says she'll be tall
18 cm.and she's that
tall now.
will she be that small like
forever? :)

Feb 09, 2010
I have her clone!!
by: Stephanie

I wish I could send you a piture of my Missy. She is almost 4 years old and looks just like Pika. We rescued her from a parking lot of the Petsmart here locally. She was only about 5 months old and scared silly. Took her a few days to warm up to me (wife) but now she is a mommas girl and our house Princess. She has had 2 litters and thats it for me. We kept one of her pups, Belle who is almost 2. As for the eye staining we have been able to almost get rid of it by giving her bottled water. Her eyes still drain but not with much staining now. Email me at and I will share pics with you! later!

Feb 07, 2010
I think I have your clone!
by: Berlin

Reading your post on Pika, as my Phoebe is sitting on my lap and I'm giggling. Pika looks just like Phoebe and the personality description is exact!! I will upload a pic of her. She just turned two. We love her dearly and she is the household "Diva"

Jan 08, 2010
I know what you mean!
by: Riverbaby1018

I read about Pika and it was like reading about my Peke-a-tese. We bought an AKC beautiful tan and black Pekingese female two years ago, then my daughter gave us a registered Maltese male who was the same age as Baby Doll. They fell in love and on her second heat, mated, produced three gorgeous puppies that all looked like Pekingese at birth but now at 8 months look more like Shih Tsus. Your description of Pika fits ours to a T. BeBelle and Kat are both less than 5 pounds; Marley is almost 9 pounds. We tried to keep Baby Doll and Spike apart during her third heat but they outsmarted us and we now have four brand new babies. This time there are two that look like Pekes and two that are pure white Maltese looking puppies. These we will sell when it's time. This will be the last batch; two times is enough for any mother! They are the sweetest puppies with all the best qualities of their parents. Spike is a "yapper"; the puppies are calm and quiet like Baby Doll. Spike has silky long hair as do the puppies. They are small like Spike but sturdy like Baby Doll. I LOVE them. Kuddos for Peke-a-tese Pups!

Dec 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

Your baby looks and sounds wonderful! I love her smile. :)

Dec 08, 2009
Two Paws UP! for Pika!
by: LuLu and LoLLy

Hi Pika, we are 2 Maltese dogs LuLu and LoLLy! Wow! Two Paws UP! for the AWESUM post! You sound amazing! Also, your pikture is very beautiful! Your Maltese paLs, LuLu and LoLLy

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Peke-a-tese - Daisy

by Christy
(Indiana )

Daisy is a Peke-a-tese and is the best puppy. She is very loyal, and loves to play hard. We have 3 teenage girls in our home, and they love to make over her.

She loves her daddy, and he plays all the time with her. She likes to be hand fed. I am not sure if this is a breed specific thing, or if I am creating a Malt a Monster!

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Jun 21, 2010
re: help
by: Sharon

I don't think that they are hard to train, it's just that it takes almost a year before they are fully potty trained. Something to do with their bladder muscles not developing as quickly as larger dogs.

My vet told me to crate train them. That means keep them in a small crate, or kitty carrier while they are small. They get out and first thing they must do is go potty. Then I left him out only a little bit then back in the crate. As he got older, the more time he could stay out of the crate but on a leash attached to my hand. Mine stayed by my bed at night in the carrier and he was happy with that, no crying. I also found it helpful to use the same phrase when telling him to "go". He eventually learned what he was supposed to do.

I think the secret to housebreaking is having an everyday routine, taking them out very often and regulary while they are growing which often means you need to be home. And most importantly don't beat them if they have an accident! Bring them to it and tell them NO sharply and they will soon understand that's not acceptable. I think a working couple would find it very difficult to housetrain a puppy. I can't imagine a little puppy holding it for a full 8 or 9 hours. If you are consistant and patient for at least a year, you should be rewarded with a housebroken doggie.

May 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

We are considering purchasing a peketese, we found one at our local pet store and fell in love.however I keep finding articles stating that they are "hard" to house break..can anyone help with their own stories?

Apr 18, 2008
Pampered Maltese
by: Katie

Your dog sounds just like mine. My Maltese also likes to be hand fed too and is quite spoiled. Now she won't eat out of her dish.

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Pek-A-Tese - Fifi

by MB
(Troy, Michigan)

Fifi at only a couple months old

Fifi at only a couple months old

Fifi is a three-year-old Pek-A-Tese born on Valentine's day. She is affectionate and playful, bossy, but also shy.

She's a great fetcher and is fiercely protective of her treats. What really makes her fun is that she loves to take showers, baths and splash in puddles.

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Mar 09, 2009
Karen & Bailey
by: Anonymous

Fifi is a pretty thing and is always friendly to me. Haven't seen her in a while, but next to my Bailey and Sue's dog, she's next in line.

Love Ya

Mar 09, 2009
Fifi - Queen of the Pek-A-Tese pack
by: Anonymous

Fifi is so fun! She dances for treats just like a circus doggie. She's tough and kicks her brothers butts when they get outta line... They know whos boss.

Fifi is a winner!

Mar 09, 2009
Good girl
by: goldenangel

Fifi is the best! Her cousins Jasmine & Lolly vote for her to be Pek-A-Tese of the month! Fifi is only bossy with her brothers & let's face it, somebody has to tell those boys what to do! She is the queen!

Mar 09, 2009
Nice Fifi
by: ZOE

I know Fifi very well. We are neighbors. She sort of scares me. She barks at me when we get together. Our mom's are best friends. I know that I should be the one to scare her, but it doesn't work that way in real life. I do like her though. I like her little brothers too. But sadly, nobody likes me. I am Zoe the Rottweiler, and I think that even though Fifi is a little bosy, she should be the Pek-A-Tese of the month. Thanks for reading, Zoe :)

Mar 09, 2009
by: LuLu and LoLLy!

Well Fifi this pikture is so cute we pretty much had to just sit here and say, wow, this is cute, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and -- well, you get the idea. Also, Two Paws UP for bossiness! Love, your PaLs, LuLu and LoLLy!

Mar 09, 2009
by: Anonymous

Fifi is adorable. I know she is loved by the MB family.

I vote for Fifi as the Pek-A-Tese of the month!!! A real cutie.

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Peke-a-tese - Baby

by Jennifer

Yanno, just chilling on the beach.

Yanno, just chilling on the beach.

Looking through all these paragraphs about their Peke-a-tese's I feel so alike! Peke-a-tese's are truly lovely and one of a kind. Baby is the best. When my kids, go to their dad's house on the weekends she always comes with them! On Friday's when its time to go she'll be exceptionally nice to me, because she knows all be lonely when the kids leave. When I fall asleep on the couch, she'll come lick my face as a remider to go to bed. Baby is now nine years old, but everyone says she doesn't look a day over two. Baby is most lovable, and everyone who meets her almost instantly falls in love. We originally got her as a favor to look over her till' my friend came back, but when my friend didn't come back, we adopted her! And now she's the light in our lives. :D

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Playful Peke-A-Tese - Caine

by Jason
(Chino Hills, CA)

My Peke-a-Tese is a smart playful and a monster. His mom was a Maltese and his dad was a Peke-A-Tese. He was really easy to potty train and is a quick learner. But just can't stand being alone. Trying to get him used to being alone but no one can resist his charm.

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Sep 02, 2009
Love him!
by: Anonymous

Your little man is adorable! Like a little teddy :)

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Peke-a-tese - Cinnamon

by Tracey

We love our Peke-a-tese named Cinnamon and she just loves everyone especially children. She is almost a year old now is very lovable and loves to give kisses. She has a very out-going personality and gets along well with other dogs. She has helped our 7 year old daughter get over her fear of dogs. Now they are best buddies and my daughter carries her around like a baby. She is a great addition to our family!

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Peke-A-Tese - Molly

by Devonne Profitt
(Villa Rica, GA USA)

Molly and Sandy

Molly and Sandy

Molly and Sandy

We bought our Peke-A-Tese in Sept. 2012. We drove 500 miles to get her as we couldn't find a breeder close to us in Atlanta. Her name is Molly and she is now 15 months old. She is the best dog we have ever owned (other than our purebred pekingese, Sandy, lol!) We got Molly to be a companion to Sandy. Molly is so well behaved, her temperament is excellent, not aggressive in any way and looks forward to treats after her trips outside. She doesn't shed at all. It did take us longer to potty train her than it did for Sandy. I wish her fur had stayed the color it was when she was born, but the brown is now a faint beige and the brown ears are now a gray. She is still beautiful though!

Molly and Sandy get along wonderfully and it's the best thing we ever did for Sandy! Molly is smaller, only 12 lbs. but she is stronger than Sandy who is 20 lbs. She can pull Sandy off the sofa if they are playing tug of war over a toy. She sleeps in her crate every night, but she loves to cuddle and loves to sleep with you as well. She's the first dog we have owned that likes to sleep on her back with all fours up in the air! She is a cutie and looks more like her mother, who was a purebred Maltese. Her dad was a purebred pekingese.

She comes to the side of my recliner for me to pick her up. She will lay anywhere she can find a spot! The only cons I have seen is her stomach itches, so we think she is possibly allergic to grass and she is very sensitive to light. She loves to run and is very fast! She enjoys her exercise. Sandy cannot keep up with her. It's a joy every night to watch them run and play. Her hearing is excellent. She can hear the doorbell when no one else does. She definitely alerts us if someone walks upon the porch.

This is a picture of Molly and Sandy on one of their many trips to Home Depot. Molly is on the left, Sandy is in front. We would highly recommend this cross breed, and are currently looking for a breeder in Georgia to get another one!

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