Pekingese Maltese Mix Dog - Mini Mia

by Amy Vangemert
(Seattle WA)

She is a 5 pound smart, stubborn yet playful and

loving Pekingese Maltese mix dog. She was all black and white but turning silver. She was potty trained by the end of the first week and hasn’t had an accident since. I have three other dogs which she loves to play with. She is very aggressive and likes to nip at them if they won’t play with her. When they are running she loves to nip at their legs and then steal their toys. If it’s a toy, it’s hers! If she wants it, it’s hers.

She is also the fastest dog I’ve ever had. She is great at agility so much we call her the circus dog. For the most part she is a brat and very outspoken. But when she is very affectionate towards me and follows me everywhere!

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