by Mary
(Albany, NY)

Teddy is 7 years old but is very active for a pup that age. Totally addicted to his toys which he will bring anyone who comes to visit as a welcome gift. He will exhaust you before he gives in with chasing a ball or retrieving any thing you are willing to throw for him. He is loyal and not inclined to stray far from wherever you might be. He does not like you to leave him alone, ALTHO he has never destroyed or done anything because of it. He barks as tho he were yelling at you when you get ready to leave—very smart. He takes keys, shoes, purses, coats anything to indicate leaving to mean he’s going to be alone. Loves the car and will ride patiently in a store cart for as long as it takes. He is so cute that it’s easy to spoil him so you have to be careful not to. As you can tell, we’re as totally addicted to him as he is to us!

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