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Silkese - Maltese Silky Mix

AKA: Silky Terrier Maltese Hybrid

Silkese Maltese Silky Terrier dogs Maltese Silky mix

The Silkese, or Maltese Silky mix, is a cross between a Silky Terrier
and a Maltese.

These hybrid dogs are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club and can be registered on their website.

They are a courageous and cheerful Maltese mix that is growing in popularity because of their high intelligence and affectionate personality.

Read more about the Maltese Silky mix below to see if this is the right Maltese mix for you.

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These dogs take on the temperament of both Silky Terriers and Maltese. They are spunky and cheerful little dogs.

Most are very intelligent and eager to learn; which makes them easy to train. Maltese Silky Terrier dogs also make good watch dogs, but are curious about everything and tend to be very active diggers.

They are great with children and other dogs, but tend to chase cats and other small pets because of their high prey drive. Most people find Maltese Silky Terrier puppies to have an energetic and sociable personality.

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A Maltese Silky Terrier dog can have various mixtures of hair color, hair type, and size. Most will include some brown, black, tan, or silver.

Hair is usually long and silky. These dogs are prone to tangles and mats, therefore they need daily combing and brushing. A professional grooming every 4-8 weeks is ideal.

They are also nonshedding and most are hypoallergenic. Full grown Maltese Silky mixes can weigh anywhere from 6-12lbs.

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What Other Silkese Owners Have Said

Click below to see contributions from other Silkese dog owners...

Mimi was rescued by my wife and I from a shelter on Halloween 2014… we are not sure of her exact age but we think she about 10 yrs old. She has been the …

Maltese Silky Terrier Mix - ALFREDWAR  
He’s the most protective dog ever. Hugs and handshakes are not allowed and you can’t get anywhere near five be close to me he won’t allow anyone to stand …

Bruno is a handful. Yes, he is smart. Yes, he loves to dig. He was very difficult to potty train. We had to put him with another dog "a Chocolate Lab" …

Silkese - Cococ (Coconut) 
She is a super sweet and smart cute Silkese puppy! She is only about 5 pounds and has the cutest ears in the world. :)

Bibi is a 15mth old Maltese Silky cross with a lovely temperament. Hasn't been trained yet and doesn't really like toys would rather spend time with you …

LuLu - Silky Terrier Maltise Mix Puppy 
Lulu is an adorable 6 month old Silky Terrier Maltise Mix puppy. She loves to play, chase, and stay by your side. She is a spunky, very active little dog. …

Cheykey is a very human like dog, very affectionate, obedient, playful, great inside dog that just wants to be with you. Very cute features including spots …

Feisty Maltese Mix - Aaliyah 
Aaliyah is a spunky and feisty 16 month old adolescent. She is a Silly terrier and a Maltese pure breed. She is a handful and overly excited at times. …

Maltese Silky Terrier Mix 
Pippa is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. My Maltese Silky Terrier mix she goes people fall in love with her. People will often stop me when walking …

Our Silkese dog Motley is now about 3 years old. He came into our empty nester life to fill the void left by the children. Now we dont miss the kids as …

Maltese Silky Dog 
Idgie Pooh, my Maltese Silky dog, was a wonderful dog, he was just like a child. I loved him very much and when he died on 12 April 2008. He was just …

Silkese Puppy 
Our Silkese puppy is only 10 wks. She is very loving. She loves our 4 yr old son. She loves to run with him and play! She is already good about going …

Lola Not rated yet
Lola is currently a 6month old little girl. She is all black with a white belly. She is a bundle of joy, not a mean bone in her body. Lola was very easily …

Buddy Not rated yet
Buddy is my cheerful adventure partner. He has the sweetest disposition and charms everyone he meets. He's also a bit of a Houdini finding secret ways …

Silkese - Maggie Not rated yet
Maggie is a 13 month old Silkese with a great personality. She is a big girl. Maggie weighs in at 14 lbs but she has a short stature. She loves to play …

Silkese Dog Not rated yet
Cooper was the first dog I have. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to have a dog. Cooper was a gift from my sister. Ever since cooper came into our family, …

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