by Bob G

Lola is currently a 6month old little girl. She is all black with a white belly. She is a bundle of joy, not a mean bone in her body. Lola was very easily trainable. Within 2 months of dedication and consistent training, she’s potty trained. Probably one of the most mild temperament I have seen in a small puppy ever.

She loves to cuddle and hang out on my lap with an occasional tug of war playtime. She is great with other dogs with endless play. My only complaint about Lola is that she is a kamikaze, with no regard for her personal safety. Simply has no fear in much. Good and bad thing I suppose.

All in all, great combination of dog breed. You combine the elegant demeanor of a Maltese with the spitfire personality of a terrier and hair of a silky, it creates a beautiful dog that has Hypoallergenic soft hair, great temperament, playful, and super loving. 9/10 small dog breed

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