Angels Delight Natural Tear Stain Remover

by Jane

Before Angels Delight

Before Angels Delight

I've known about the antibiotic OTC tear stain removers for some time but didn't want to use them.

I found a natural solution to tear staining that you add to the food.

It couldn't be easier. You just open the container and sprinkle some on to your dog's food.

After a month the fur is lovely and white.

No arduous wiping or brushing required.

It even helped to cure my Bichon Rose of her hot spots. They say it even helps to improve the coat and with things like slipping patella.

My friends use it on their cats.

I found out about it one the VMDIVA site whilst reading about how the likes of Angels Eyes are illegal

10 out of 10 stars from me

You can get it here

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