H202 - Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Eye Stains

by Meryl L Weisman RNC
(Boynton Beach Florida)

Plain old hydrogen peroxide! At $1.38 a bottle, the cotton pads for safe application cost more! Highly effective, absolutely SAFE, easy and super cheap, what more could you want?

At your local dollar store: bottle of peroxide, cotton pads, and child's toothbrush. Wet pad with peroxide and wipe down stained areas, I use one side of the pad per eye. Really wet that stained hair with the peroxide. Let it sit a bit, you may see it bubble or foam a bit. It doesn't hurt at all, doesn't bother my dog at all. Now brush with the tooth brush. A lash out at a comb works well too. All the solid and goo will come off. You will see a BIG difference in an HOUR. Might as well take another pad, do doggies chin, and BUTT too no poo stains!

Plain old hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe. I'm an RN, I've done wound care for 30 years and used GALLONS of peroxide on plenty of those wounds. No reason to worry if doggy swallows a drop or so, no worry if you get a drop or so in doggy's eye either. Once hydrogen peroxide gives up its extra molecule it is nothing more than WATER!

If your dog has some skin irritation under the staining, a TINY bit of triple antibiotic ointment IT IS CLEAR NOT WHITE, will really help. The white stuff is cream, not ointment and yep it does make a difference use the OINTMENT.

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May 31, 2019
by: Stacy

it was nice of you to share this info - thannks!

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