Laptop Maltese

by Jill
(Gloucester, MA)



We found Yoshi through Kim Lemaire (breeder) is absolutely fabulous. She brought 3 puppies to our house and we got to pick the one we wanted. We picked Yoshi because he was the crazy puppy who was running all the through the house being fun. She can back a second time so we could have a visit and so that Yoshi could get more familiar with us. Kim had us pick up Yoshi at her vet and he went over everything with us for 2 hours. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to get a Maltese puppy in the New England to check out this site.

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Sep 03, 2022
I bought Heidi from Kim in 2004 NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I went to Kim's house in 2004 and bought my Heidi she was hiding I fell in love and here we are today 2022 almost 2023 and my Heidi is still with me almost 18 years ago. My Heidi is still doing well. I just lost her sister daisy a maltese from Kim too. In January of this year... thanks Kim shelly🥰

May 18, 2019
Don't buy from these people!
by: Romeena

I recently lost my beloved 12 yr old Maltese baby. She had a seizure and died in my lap. Broken-hearted, I immediately began to search for a new little friend to make her own place in mu life. As much as I'd like to, I can't pay the high prices for a purebred puppy these days, and was delighted to find MALTESEMODE.COM, offering pups for just $820. Too heartsore to recognize the warning signs, I bit. I sent them the money, and they were supposed to send my chosen puppy, the one I had "selected" from their gallery of adorable puppies.

Of course, the puppy never arrived, and I lost the $820 I could have put toward a puppy from someone who is not a crook and a thief. I have involved the police, but they hold out little hope. They said they believe this "breeder" is part of a nationwide ring of scammers, and may not even be located in the U.S. They are probably operating multiple websites, and there are no actual puppies, it's all just a scam, and they're getting away with it. They open and close these websites frequently, and are virtually untraceable.

What to watch for:

Amazing prices.

Lots of pictures of pretty puppies, all said to be around nine weeks old. (How do they time all the births so that their puppies are mostly the same age?)

They communicate with you only by email and text, no phone conversation. Their location on this particular site was given as Midland, Texas, while a check on their phone number showed the number was based in Ft. Davis, Texas.

They insist on shipping the puppies by air, if you live more than a 2-hour drive from them, claiming that the "long car ride" is too stressful for the puppy. (And a ride in the belly of an airplane isn't stressful?)

If you look carefully, their very professional-looking website will contain some small grammatical errors, that should and would have been caught by most people, leading me to believe that English is not their first language.

Be aware that you, too, can be scammed. I'm a well-educated woman with nearly 80 years of life experience, and cannot believe I was taken by these vermin. Yet, when you're grieving and heartsore as I was and still am, it's amazing what you will fall for.

Don't make the same mistake I did. If you can't exchange the money and the puppy at the same time, face to face, don't do it. Just don't do it.

Oct 11, 2017
i love your dog
by: michael hernandez

how can i adopt yoshi !!my # is 805-336-4032

Jun 14, 2015
Kim LeMaire is a criminal!
by: Anonymous

Never get a dog from Kim LeMaire-- her reputation is terrible!

Jan 26, 2015
Buyer Beware!
by: Judy

Jill, I think you got really lucky with Yoshi. I would be hesitant to buy a puppy from Kim LeMarie. Look at for an August 21, 2013, article on a story by CBS News, Boston, regarding Kim LeMarie and Laptop Maltese.

The article said that Framingham Animal Control seized 19 dogs from her, which "were found inside of a filthy room at the Red Roof Inn in Framingham. ...the conditions in which the dogs were being kept were a far cry from what is considered responsible." It also stated that people who had believed the claims on Ms. LeMarie’s website were "feeling duped after officials revealed that the dogs were living in deplorable conditions". As reported by the Code Enforcement Officer, "There were piles of debris and newspaper covered in feces. She doesn't have a breeder license and none of the dogs are kept in clean situations at all."

I know that not all of us can afford to buy a puppy from a breeder who breeds from AKC champions. But, when a seller offers to deliver a puppy to a buyer instead of the buyer going to pick up the puppy at the breeder's, this should, at the very least, raise a red flag telling a buyer that further research of this breeder would be in order. It could be that the seller is exactly what he/she appears to be. It could also mean that the seller does not want the buyer to see the conditions in which the puppies and adult dogs are living. Best to check out the breeder's facilities in person - anyone can make whatever claims they want on a web site and even use stolen or photo shopped pictures to get your attention, your interest and your money.

If there is a puppy involved or a dog in need, dog lovers, as a group, are very trusting. These helpless animals tear at our hearts. We see the darling puppies on a web site and fall in love. We buy into the seller's story, whatever it is, because we really want the puppy and, YES!, the price just happens to be RIGHT!! We willingly suppress the little niggling thought that "this transaction is just too EASY". There is nothing RIGHT or EASY about ending up with a sick or dying puppy, a broken heart and huge vet bills. This does not even take into account that the act of buying that precious puppy may be supporting a not-so-precious puppy mill. Remember what your mom always told you, "if it sounds too good to be true, it is probably too good to be true".

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