No Pet Shop Puppies - Englewood, NJ

by Celine
(New Jersey)

We have looked everywhere for a cheap Maltese puppy. The minute puppies come into a shelter, they are gone in 2 seconds.

NYC pet shop prices for puppies start at $2000, so it is always best to not get one in NYC, after searching for pet shops that sell puppies, we have found one in 16 Engle Street, Englewood NJ called Mamas & Papas Pet Shop.

The puppies there start from $600 but hey, this is the cheapest price we've seen so far! We got a PUREBRED boy maltese puppy, who is 8 weeks old for just $1,100. Expensive price right? But there are many things pet shops WON'T tell you about the puppy you're about to adopt!

As soon as we got home, on the first few nights, he made this choking noise, we got so scared but he kept doing it and some heavily coughing sounds. We brought him to the vet and they gave him medicines and said he was just coughing and had a really big cold. He doesn't like the medicines and he never drinks it no matter where we hide it, so he still makes those noises.

How come the pet shop didn't tell us this when we asked if he was sick or had medical conditions?

Always adopt a pet from a dog shelter, NEVER a pet shop. Even the veterinarian has told us that most dogs from pet shops are sick or have medical conditions, and the store owner will not tell you this!!!

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