by Amy

My husband wouldn’t let me get a dog unless it was really cute, and he rejected all candidates until I showed him a litter of Maltese Schnauzer puppies for sale on Craigslist. The seller told us they were an accidental result of his dog mating with his friend’s dog. By the time we met him later that evening, only 2 puppies were left. We chose the friendlier female.

Sophie is 8 years old now, and she is our pride and joy. She is 25 lbs. and bit too large to be a lap dog, so I suspect her schnauzer parent was not mini. She is sweet, funny, smart, adorable, friendly to everyone, and devoted to me. She follows me wherever I go, and I take her to visit my mother at least once a week. My whole extended family loves Sophie, and she seems to sense who is most closely related to me because she greets those relatives most effusively, rolling over for belly rubs. She really gets excited when our adult children come home to visit. Sophie worships her big brother and sister. My husband now regrets that we didn’t take Sophie’s sibling too, so we could have twice the fun.

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