by Laurie Owen-Hood
(Fishers, Indiana)

Cricket and her stroller

Cricket and her stroller

Cricket has been nothing short of a fabulous pet. Cricket was a rescue dog. I got her when she was 2 months old. She will be six yrs. old this year. I had her house broke in about a week. I’ve never used the potty pads on her. I suffer from P.T.S.D/ Panic Anxiety disorder. I put in and I both into support dog training for me. She caught on quickly. She knows when we are out somewhere if I am having a panic attack. She knows before I even feel the attack arising in me. She gets me to focus on her and not my surroundings. I’m still not ready for large crowds ie, a concert. To overwhelming for me.

Cricket has given me a bit of my freedom like grocery shopping, getting my hair and nails done. Cricket knows when she has her vest on while we are out that she is working. Now at home without her vest, she’s so loving. Cricket is a true blue lap huger. She’s playful, loving and likes certain things her way. Cricket isn’t fond of when my husband leaves to go somewhere. She wants her family unit together. My husband and I are both retired. Cricket is always with us. And always with me when I leave the house.

I have lung cancer, I’ve noticed Cricket has kicked it up a notch or two with me. Meaning very protective. Because she is so small Cricket can’t make
it around our block when walking. We walk until she gets tired, trust me she lets you know, she just sits and won’t move. So now we walk but I take her stroller with us. Cricket loves her stroller!

Her hobbies right now seem to be, playing with us and her toys. Cuddling with us , interacting with larger dogs. She’s not to fond of smaller dogs, seems to be a bit territorial when smaller dogs are around. Crickets best friends are two black Labs in our neighborhood and our daughter Labordoodle. Terrified of cats. Loves to lay in the sun. She likes babies but because she’s so small 4.7 lbs. she tends to avoid the larger kids.

Cricket speaks a lot through her eyes. At night if she’s ready to go to bed she will sit at the bottom of our stairs patiently waiting for me to go to bed. She’s never been caged since in my care. We sleep together in our bed.
She loves to be sung to. I sing to her every morning when we wake up her song, Good morning to you.
She’ll stare at you to let you know she needs to go out. Potty’s on demand with Cricket go tinkle or Cricket go potty. She knows the difference.

Oh and I almost forgot, Cricket loves to swim in our large garden tub.

Cricket has been such a blessing in my life and my husbands life. She’s such a huge blessing,

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