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Maltese Maniac Monthly - SPECIAL EDITION
November 27, 2014

Maltese Maniac Monthly - UPDATE Nov 14


So it's already started! The Holidays are among us. Thanksgiving has already ended for my Maltese Maniacs in the US. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years day are just around the corner. I hope everyone is able to spend time with their loved ones, especially their Maltese. Let me know how you are celebrating!

I got alot of feedback about what you would like to see in a book about Maltese and the finished product is finally ready! Click here to see the new Complete Maltese Care Made Simple eBook

Question of the Month

Whenever I tell my Maltese to do something, she just ignores me. Sometimes she even does the opposite of what I say. If I say "sit" she runs away. She knows these commands, my husband taught them to her. Why is she doing this? - NICOLE MASON

When you train your Maltese you should aim to use an “authority” tone of voice. Think of how a school principal might talk to a student. You want to be encouraging, but also firm – your dog must know you're in charge. You're not asking her to do what you want, you're telling her. This firmness is critical if you want your dog to follow your commands consistently. Click here to learn ways to train and care for your precious Maltese.

Great Doggy Deals

It's getting close to that most special time of the year... you thought I was going to say Christmas huh? Nope, it's Black Friday shopping time. You know your Maltese and Maltese loving friends need the best gift possible this year. Time to get it for them and get it cheap. Here are the best doggy Black Friday deals I could find:

Get beautiful 2015 Maltese dog and puppy calendars for up to 50% off.

Make a masterpiece out of your favorite Maltese photo for 50% off.

Customize a shirt, coffee mug, iphone case - almost anything for 30% off.

PetFoodDirect is a great place to get yummy treats, toys and even clothes. Get 18% off $89+ with coupon code PFD18 plus UP TO 60% OFF when you shop BLACK FRIDAY sales!

For everything else try Entirely Pets. Their sale is for up to 70% off.

Ok, that should get most of your shopping done. Good luck and let me know of any other deals you come across that your fellow Maltese Maniac's would like.

Tips and Tricks

If you are looking for a gorgeous Maltese, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on one. Many rescue groups rehome retired Maltese from breeders of champions. To find these dogs, just contact your local Maltese rescue group. Click here to see a list of Maltese rescues in your area.

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