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Maltese Maniac Monthly - #006

Maltese Dog Lover News & Tips

Two Maltese Dogs

The New Year is in full swing and it sure is cold outside! Marley & Disco have to wear sweaters every time they go outside and we live in GA. I hope your Maltese are buddled up and enjoying a warm, cozy house this winter.

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. Be sure to show your Maltese how much you love them by giving them extra treats, attention, and belly rubs on the 14th! I'm sure they will return all that love ten-fold.

Question of the Month

Maltese Puppy
I think I'm a bad mommy. A few days ago Kissee decided to start eating her poop. I've never scolded her about missing her papers just praised when she got it right. Help! - Carol

Dogs eat poop for a variety of reasons such as: not getting key nutrients and minerals in their own food, being bored or lonely, or simply from overfeeding your dog. Try these remedies:

  • Feed well balanced and nutritious meals. Try feeding twice a day instead of once.
  • Be sure to adequately exercise and stimulate your dog.
  • Put a tablespoon of fresh pineapple in her food. It will make her poop taste bad.
- Katie

Cool Products

Here's a cute and inexpensive way to say "I love you" to the dog lovers in you life. Sloppy Kiss Cards has a huge collection of animated ecards that can be customized with different dogs and of course there is a Maltese to choose from.

It's only $9.95 a year for unlimited cards for all occasions. I've joined and use them all the time, especially for dog lovers' birthdays. Join now and send an instant Valentine's Day ecard.

Maltese Remedies

Improve Your Dog's Mood and Eliminate Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs is actually a symptom of the pet's disapproval of being isolated from the owner. To ease the pain follow these 6 steps:
  • Try to make your arrivals and departures very boring and low-key. Don't make a big fuss over saying hello and goodbye.
  • Leave the radio on and an article of your clothing behind make your dog feel more comfortable.
  • Give your dog more exercise. A tired dog is a good dog! A dog can sleep most of the day if he's tired enough.
  • Give your dog something to do while you're gone! Stuff a Kong or any other interactive dog toys with interesting treats.
  • Consider crating your dog. Some dogs are more comfortable when confined to a small "den".
  • Use an all natural remedy that helps maintain emotional well-being and feelings of security.

Maltese Mix Dogs

Tips & Tricks

Wondering why your Maltese acts a certain way? If you want to better understand your dog, reading their horoscope can be a fun way to do just that!

Take a look at these free pet horoscopes and find out what your Maltese will be up to this month.

February Photo Contest

This month's theme is "Winter Wonderland." Send in a picture of your Maltese or Maltese mix enjoying the snowy weather. The winner gets his/her picture displayed on the Maltese Maniac homepage for one full month. Make your Maltese famous and submit those adorable pooch smooch pics now!

Cool Dog Blog

Toby LittleDude
This month's great Maltese blog is from Toby LittleDude. Toby is a Maltese from Canada who enjoys romps in the snow, his room full of toys, and hanging with Mommy.

He has a bunch of puppy pals from all over the world and would love for you to be his friend too! Check out Toby's daily adventures at his very own Maltese dog blog.

What's New

Dog Quote

"Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog; but you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog." - Douglas Mallock

Keep on lovin' your precious furbabies,

- Katie, Marley & Disco <(-'.'-)>

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