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Maltese Maniac Monthly - Dec. 2011

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Maltese Christmas
Disco and Marley
waiting patiently for
presents under the tree

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and your Maltese enjoyed all the leftovers! I know alot of people are gearing up for the holidays and our family is no exception. Our tree is up and Marley and Disco already have some presents in their stockings. Don't tell them, but I got them some of their favorite treats this year... bully sticks!

In the last newsletter I asked you what topics you wanted to know more about Maltese dogs. Thanks everyone for the great feedback! From the hundreds of responses I found out that these are the topics you're most interested in:

  • Tear Staining, Basic Grooming, Nutrition, Common Diseases, Dental Care
As some of you already know, I'm in the middle of writing a Maltese ebook and these are just some of the topics that are included. Here's an outline of my work in progress:

Chapter 1 - Maltese Mindset: Understanding How Your Dog Thinks & Behaves
Chapter 2 - Foundations for Success: Essential Training Tips and Techniques
Chapter 3 - Good Doggie: Preventing and Correcting Problem Behaviors
Chapter 4 - Puppy Preschool: Raising a Maltese Puppy
Chapter 5 - The Maltese Circus: Teaching Tricks and Games
Chapter 6 - Second Chancers: Training and Caring for Rescue Dogs
Chapter 7 - Maltese Mixes: Tips for Mix Breed Owners
Chapter 8 - Play Nice: Getting Along with Other Dogs
Chapter 9 - Looking Good: How to Groom Your Maltese
Chapter 10 - Peak Performance: Nutrition Tips to Keep Your Dog in Top Shape
Chapter 11 - Playing Doctor: Diseases Common to the Maltese Breed

I'm still adding more content and I'd love to know what you think.
If you haven't already, tell me what you want to know about Maltese and I'll enter you in a drawing to receive a free book. You'll also get a discount once the book is published.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

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Question of the Month

Barking Maltese
Would you please give me some advice: I love my 3 year old Maltese but she barks constantly. Sometimes for no visible reason. I have tried so many devices but nothing works. She wants to sit in my lap all the time. She doesn't bark then, please help me. Thanks.

I know how frustrating this can be because my Maltipoo Disco is a barker too! First you need to determine exactly what is the cause. It could be play barking, boredom, frustration, fear, or even seperation anxiety. Keep in mind that older Maltese can sometimes become senile and bark for no reason while young puppies are just "finding their voice."

It seems like your problem may be a strong form of seperation anxiety, your Maltese wants to be around you all the time so she gets upset when you're not right by her side. Give her some distractions like toy puzzles with food in them so she is not always focused on you and gets some more mental stimulation. These interactive dog toys by Nina Ottoson get great reviews. - Katie

Great Doggy Deals

Still shopping for Christmas gifts for your Maltese?
Find all the latest pet supply coupons in one place at this new site called CouponGravy.

I love this site because I don't have to search everywhere to find great dog coupons anymore. I just go to this site and I'm done, it's so easy!

Maltese Remedies

Are you traveling with your Maltese for the holidays?

Get More Info on PetAlive EasyTravel Solution to Prevent and Treat All Major Symptoms of Travel and Motion Sickness in Pets

Earth Heart all natural dog remedy

Newest Giveaway

Win $48 worth of all-natural remedy mists from Earth Heart, Inc. that can help your dog stay healthy and happy during this hectic holiday season. Only 4 more days left to enter, so do it now! Good luck!

Contest Winner

The "Cutest Small Dog Costumes for Maltese Photo Contest" was a hit and Maltese dog lovers submitted some cute and creative entries. There was everything from Uncle Sam to a Chia Pet. See who was the official winner!

Featured Dog Blog

Snowy and Crystal Maltese dogs

This month I'm featuring a cool Maltese blog from Snowy and Crystal. They're two dogs from Dubai and they have the most awesome adventures. Be sure to check out pictures and video from their latest surfing lesson, so cute! Feel free to leave a comment on their blog to encourage them to go on even more cool adventures!

Know of any cool Maltese dog blogs? Tell me about it!

Tips & Tricks

Wondering what's the best dog food to feed your precious Maltese?

Try Blue Buffalo Dog Food, it's highly recommended by other Maltese Maniacs and is a great all-natural way to reduce eye stain.

personalized pet gifts

Cool Products

Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift for your Maltese or another cool dog you know? Check out these personalized pet gifts from RitzPix. They have a dog bowl, pet tag, and pet area mats which can all be customized with your dog's picture, graphics, and text.

Funny Dog Quote
"It's no coincidence that man's best friend cannot talk."
- Anonymous

Maltese Rescue of the Month

Lil Paws Maltese Rescue

Lil' Paws Maltese Rescue is a rescue organization dedicated to helping homeless Maltese and other small dog breeds in the Austin, TX area. Click here to find out how you can volunteer and make a difference.

You can also send a much needed donation.

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