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Maltese Maniac Monthly - #004

Maltese Dog Lover News & Tips

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and your Maltese did not decide to eat any of your chocolate goodies (or flowers!). Winter is almost over so make sure your little snow bunnies get their last romp in the snow (if they like it) before Spring!

Maltese in the Snow

What's New

  • What kind of food does your dog eat? Take the newest fun Maltese dog surveys and tell us what your Maltese munches.

  • Check out the new Maltese dog picture puzzles each month.

  • We've added new Maltese mix pages. If you have a Cairmal, or Maltichon, go to these pages to add a picture and description about your unique Maltese mix!

Question of the Month

I was just wondering - how long can a Maltese be left on it's own? I think it would make a great pet, but I have a job from 9 - 5. Would it be unkind to leave it alone for so long? - Elyse

Maltese Dog
"A Maltese generally wants to be around their person as much as possible. They are a very social dog. I leave my Maltese alone for up to 4 hours and no more. They also have each other to interact with, but I suspect they mostly sleep when I am gone. My husband takes them to work most days. Other days I will take them to doggie daycare or go see them for an hour at lunchtime.

I would only recommend getting a Maltese if you can put her in a doggie daycare or let her out a lunchtime during the day. If you know someone who lives close and would like companionship, you could leave your Maltese there during the day, then pick them up when you get back from work. Otherwise she will suffer from separation anxiety and develop behavior problems." - Katie

March Contest Winner

The most recent winner of our "Maltese of the Month" contest is an entertainer, a companion, and a stunt-man. This Maltese loves to show off his quirky personality and he gives the cutest of looks when the camera comes out. Find out who this lucky Maltese is.

Cool Products

Looking for a unique dog lover gift for yourself or another Maltese dog lover? Check out out Maltese Dog Gift page which has over 50 Maltese dog breed gifts, collectibles, keepsakes, calenders and much more!

Want to save even more money when buying dog products? Sign up with eBates to earn cash back at lots of stores and get $10 credited to your account instantly. Just sign up here!

I signed up a year ago and have already gotten $77.10 cash back! - Katie

In the News

You know, there's no shortage of over-the-top products to pamper your pet. This LA Times article proves it. Although not many people can afford these luxuries for our babies, it's always fun to dream... My favorite is the mini-Airstream trailer bed complete with attached dinner bowls. Be sure to check out the video of an adorable Maltese enjoying these luxuries of life (just pretend it's your baby instead).

Tips & Tricks

Did you know that there are common household ingredients that can clear up your dog's eye stains? Bet you can't guess what it is... It's plain old Milk of Magnesia, Corn Starch, and Peroxide! Find out how to mix and apply it on the Eliminate Maltese Eye Stain Using Topical Treatments page.

Maltese Eye Stain

Upcoming Events

On April 6th the The Boston Maltese Meetup Group and the The San Diego Maltese Meetup are both having local Maltese events. If you live in these areas, click on the links above to sign up and join in on the fun!

Cool Dog Blog

Snowdrop the Maltese
One of my recent favorite Maltese blogs is the Travels and Adventures of Snowdrop the Maltese. This well-traveled Maltese was born in Scotland, raised in England, and has vacationed in France. You can learn more about Snowdrop the Maltese at her blog. Don't forget to contact her by signing her guestbook!

Keep on lovin' your precious furbabies,

- Katie, Marley & Disco <(-'.'-)>

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