Chin Maltese Mix - Mr. Higgins

by LouAnn
(Hopatcong New Jersey)

my bicycle ridding glasses

my bicycle ridding glasses

Mr. Higgins is 14 yrs old. he is a Chin Maltese mix. his mom is chin and his father Maltese. his mom, is the sweetest dog, and loving. his father was a growler, if you looked at him wrong(I guess in his eyes), he would growl at you. Higgins is the complete personality of his mom, thank God. he is 11.5 lbs. his weight fluctuates from 10 to 11.5.

he has cataracts, heart disease, and diabetes. he is under the care of a vet and me. to this day, he is very active, and eats well. he takes meds for his heart, and insulin for his diabetes.

he started his little life, white with a saddle of light brown. as he grew older, about 4months ago, his hair and skin has started to change color. he still has a lot of white. but now his brown color is becoming more apparent, and darker brown, his skin is turning black. He is a good companion and friend.

I love him with all my heart, he is my best friend.

his mom,

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