Fun Dog Tricks - Yoga

by Pamela Davin
(Davie Fl. USA)

have to figure out how to do this tech stuff

have to figure out how to do this tech stuff

Every morning when the first rays of the sun appear in our room The Prince Zepherous the first will howl his little heart out Greeting the sun with all the best of the Temple dogs. Waking the rest of his family Mommy Princess; Daddy Pickles; and brother Pumpkin who all proceed to greet the sun Howling and I must admt I am Howling with them as we like to start our day that way. We are learning other fun dog tricks too. Jumping through hoops. and over the Bar. ringing bells and generally cutting it up. Mummy says we will be working with fire someday soon with aunt Tzadi who is a FIRE SPINNER !!!

We cannot use any Hairspray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We wish mommy was teck savvy so we could go on UTube

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