I Love You Foxy, Forever...

by Sonia Loren
(Sydney, Australia)

Sonia Loren and Foxy

Sonia Loren and Foxy

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion"

31st May 2014

I can't believe in less than 8 months I've lost another best friend, my angel... 'Foxy' I've had you for fifteen years, half my life. Those fifteen years, I'll cherish close to my heart, forever In those 15 years you taught me unconditional love... I never thought I could love anyone as much I loved you. I loved everything about you; your beautiful nature and gentleness. You always knew how to put a smile on my face on even the hardest of days. Only you both knew how hard things really got for me. However, you always knew how to lift me up when I was feeling down.

I remember getting you as a puppy from the local nursery back in '99. That day, my life changed for the better. We had lots of fun adventures and you always drew attention wherever we went, everyone loved you. I loved carrying you in my arms everywhere I went, we were inseparable. I took you to grooming every single week as you deserved to be pampered like a princess. You made my heart melt every time I picked you up, seeing you with the cutest little bows in your hair. I told you my secrets, my fears... You were always there to listen especially at times when I had no one else. You would sit there listening as if you understood every single word spoken and you would comfort me. I cannot forget the times you would just lay on my chest on the lounge and lick me like crazy. Being the only child, you both were like siblings to me. You were my absolute definition of 'family'. I'm so happy and blessed that you were a part of my life and you always will be... Forever...

You never got sick in your entire fifteen years, so it was shocking for me when you fell ill on Tuesday and was rushed to the emergency animal hospital. I was hoping and praying that it was something minor. My heart literally broke as I heard the diagnosis on Wednesday... I tried to remain strong in front of you as I held you in my arms and you licked my nose and whimpered whilst the vet gave the diagnosis. You were discharged on Friday with the prognosis that you could last days, weeks or even months They said you needed to be home with us. You came home looking like you had been through a battle but was ready to take
on the world. You were weak but you were still trying your hardest. I looked in your eyes remaining hopeful as you licked my nose as you always loved to do. On Saturday you looked like you were improving. I remember waving goodbye to you that morning and telling you that I loved you and that I'd see you later that day as I drove off to go on a mission to find you the perfect, comfortable soft crate to make you feel at ease at home. I didn't know that was going to be my last look of your beautiful face. I can still picture you vividly, enjoying the sun as I left. I found you the perfect soft crate and was so excited to bring it home to you so you could enjoy it. I cannot forget walking through the door and noticing it was quiet, your bed wasn't in its normal place. Then I asked where you were, how you were. Only to be told you were gone. No one was able to get a hold of me I heard you had a very bad turn that afternoon and was rushed to the vet where it was decided that you needed to go peacefully. Why did that happen? Did you purposely choose that day so I wouldn't see you go like that? I know they say 'everything happens for a reason'. I guess you knew this time round I wouldn't have coped seeing you that way especially so soon after Honey's passing. I wanted to see you, be with you, when you took your last breath The vet advises that I shouldn't see you now as it would be too traumatic for me. I am sooooooooo sorry I was not there when you took your last breath Please forgive me, if only I knew. I haven't stopped crying since I found out you were gone. I felt you around me as they were breaking the news to me. I felt you there, comforting me as I broke down. My world came to a standstill yesterday. I didn't think this day would come so soon... My heart feels so empty. Not a day will go past where I won't think of you... I miss you sooooooooo much! Rest in peace my best friend, my beautiful little angel...

Ps. I'll never forget your beautiful, inquisitive eyes. Your amazing personality. And your cute little friendship offerings of dog pellets that you leave for me at my bedroom door and hallway. I'll never forget all those special moments we shared. I'll be waiting for you to visit me. I love you Foxy, forever... Until we meet again my love

From all of us

xoxoxo (x Infinity)

'We won't say goodbye 'cause true love never dies'

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Jul 24, 2014
Beautiful and touching tribute NEW
by: Ron Caruana

I am so very sorry about you losing your little Foxy. I felt every word that you wrote and completely understand, as I went thru this a year ago. Ny tribute to Pepe is listed right below yours in this site. If you read it, you will see that we felt the same way about our little guy. Ours was a shock as well. My wife and I sat with him at the vets office for six hours before agreeing to let him go. It was the most difficult thing we had ever been thru as a couple. You will never forget your little Foxy, just as we will never forget our little Pepe. It has been 15 months, and I still think about him every day, and miss him so much. We did end up getting a new little boy named Toby. He just turned one year old and is the sweetest little guy. He fills a void that I was finding intolerable. He makes us smile with his unique ways. He is not a replacement for Pepe, as he has his own personality. While he has some of the old habits of our Pepe, his new ones bring joy to us. I hope that you will consider bringing a new Maltese pup into your life. They are the very best friends you can ever have. Just wanted you to know that there are others out there that care about what you are going thru. Best wishes to you.

Jun 26, 2014
Sincere Condolences
by: Virginia

My condolences go out to you at this, as I know how hard it must be for you, having lost your very best friend in the world. They bring so much happiness into our lives and when they leave us there is such a void. I felt the same way about my Daisy and it has been four years since she left me and I still miss her every day. I hope you have lots of pictures and videos to remember her by. I do, and I look at them all the time. It makes me feel so good when I see her as she was when she was healthy and so happy. My heart goes out to you dear.

Jun 26, 2014
So sorry
by: Little Miss Muffit

Your farewell message about Foxy was beautiful and so touching. Foxy looks very much like my Morkie, Little Miss Muffit, except her ears stand up straight. So precious these pets we bring into our lives. We are tied together with bonds of love, friendship, devotion, and faithfulness. Nothing can take the place of that bond between humans and pets. I know that is how I feel and others. Thank you for stating it so sweetly. May your heart heal and accept that Foxy is happy, healthy, and not far away waiting for you. And remember that there are other sweet dogs waiting for someone to love them the way you loved Foxy. The best thing is to give that love to another little dog who needs it.

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