Loving Soul - Snowball

by Sandy



Snowball is a well-behaved and loving soul. She loves to get dressed up and go for walks.

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May 15, 2016
My Brave Little Snowball NEW
by: Sandra Baruch

My Heart and soul has been crushed into millions of pieces since my loving soul Snowball passed away on my chest in her sleep ever so peacefully on March 7th,2016. Honestly,I haven't been the same since.I cry almost every day because I miss her so much and the thought of never seeing her again just makes me cry.I made a beautiful memorial for her on my baby grand piano.It has pictures of Snowball ,her ashes in a very special place and many cards,and small items to remember her by,three teeth that fell out,and I have her ponytail.When it is my time we will go to heaven together even though she is there already.She will just come back to get me. This is more difficult than I ever imagined.But I do know that Snow ball had a good life,but the last few years she had some curve balls to deal with.But my brave little sweetheart handled all her challenges with courage and grace. Anyone who feels like talking to me is welcome to write to me on my email which is sandybaruch@gmail.com

Jul 23, 2008
My love
by: sanMy

snowball is my heart and soul.She goes every where I go.She has adjusted very well to my life style.I love you Snowball!!!!!!!

Apr 26, 2008
by: sandra baruch

snowball is a remarkable dog who goes absolutely everywhere with me each day.She joins me when I go grocery shopping,she goes clothes shopping with me,sh goes to restaurants,the movies,you name it,she goes! She is highly intelligent,she takes longs walks withme on a daily basis, and will be makingher a birthday party in May.This party will be well deserved.I love this dog deely.I cherish each day that i have with her!

Apr 18, 2008
Cuite Pie!
by: Katie

Snowball has a lovely dress on. Is is velvet? What a cutie pie!

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