Maltese best and simple recipe food for three weeks

by Tony
(Lebanon )

ingredients :

2 kg chicken Brest boneless & skinless .
1 bag of pasta 500g.
400 g mix veg frozen bag (carrot, green peas)
2 ltr of potable water

a)First cut the chicken into small pieces, like dice.

b) Add the chicken to a big pot and cook in without oil or water
and keep mixing and stir it for 20 min . (medium fire)

c) Add 500g of frozen veg or fresh for 15 min to cook the veg (Small cut pieces of carrots and green peas ).

d) After 15 min add 2 ltr of hot water and one bag of 500g pasta (chose pasta small size easier for your dog to eat it ).
keep the pasta another 15 min for a total cooking time 1h on medium fire .

e) keep the food outside until it become cold (room temperature) then pack in a plastic container and save it in the freezer for 3 weeks.

NB chicken can be replaced by minced beef, chicken liver or turkey , porc ... i always change the protein source for a better flavor.

Enjoy your cook.

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